World Domination Summit: Wave 1 Sold Out


*World Domination, July 2012 Edition*

As mentioned on Monday, today’s the day—early this morning, we opened up #WDS2012 registration for 400 people. All tickets were taken in the first 13 minutes. Some of the transactions went into pending mode and it took a bit longer for the dust to settle, but we were completely sold out within the hour.

Because there are no more tickets available, I won’t send this update out by email. If you’d like to keep an eye on the registration page for later, here it is:

#WDS2012 Registration


Here are a few answers to questions I’ve received:

Can you stream the event online for those who can’t come? No, sorry. I love the internet, but #WDS is all about being together in one place.

Do you have any scholarships? No, sorry. WDS costs less than almost any other weekend event, and we don’t make any money from it. In fact, last year I lost more than $25,000 on it—this isn’t about us making a profit, and it costs a lot to put everything together.

Can I be a speaker? Our main-stage speaking roles are nearly finalized—not all are announced yet, but they’re all selected. All registered attendees are welcome to submit proposals for workshops and breakout sessions, which will be expanded this year. We’ll have a process for this much later on, likely in early 2012.

Can I be a volunteer? We will indeed have a crew of “Ambassadors” to work during the weekend. These volunteers must be Portland-based, and we’ll have an application process in early 2012. (FYI, everyone on the action team that produces WDS is a volunteer too—no one is paid, including me.)

I can’t commit now … can I register later? See below.

Those who registered today, along with our pre-registrants from Year 1, will receive first priority of workshop and breakout selections. We’ll then have another (one more only) registration cycle in January. I’m doing it this way so we don’t completely sell out ten months in advance.

The Wave II cycle will allow for approximately 300-400 tickets. We have a total capacity of 924 attendees, but 60% of Year 1 attendees pre-registered to return—so now that today’s wave of 400 is gone, we’ll take the final group early next year.

I’m sure they’re go quickly as well, and we don’t anyone to miss out unnecessarily … please only register if you’re extremely excited and definitely plan to come.

Happy Thursday to all,

– Chris


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