FYI: Final World Domination Summit Tickets Available on Wednesday

WDS Tickets - Final Sale

Our little gathering in Portland has grown far beyond our initial expectations (and indeed, even our hopes and dreams). The deadline to be part of this summer’s version is … next Wednesday, January 16.

I sent out the note below to the waiting list earlier today, and I’m including it here to avoid getting complaints from people who missed it.

This message is going out to everyone on the WDS waiting list with a long-awaited update.

The big day is almost here! NEXT WEDNESDAY is the day for the final round of WDS 2013 ticket sales.

Here’s How It Works

1. At 9am PST / 12pm EST on Wednesday, January 16, the registration page will display 1,000 available tickets for sale. (Tip: hit refresh!) –>

WDS Ticket Sales

2. You can purchase up to 3 tickets, and each ticket must have a name attached to it.

3. As soon as the tickets are gone, they’re gone. That’s it. Every year we have sold out six months in advance, and every seat is taken.

That’s pretty much it. But if you’re curious, more info is below.



For two years now, we’ve welcomed hundreds (and now thousands) of attendees to Portland for a weekend gathering in July. With main-stage speakers, breakout sessions, film screenings, activities, and independent meetups, our aim is to connect like-minded people who share the values of community, adventure, and service.

You can see thousands of photos from last year’s event, or check out the video trailer on the main site.


WDS is multigenerational and international. During our first year, the youngest attendee was 14 and the oldest was 74. Last year we had attendees from 20 countries — this year we hope to have even more.

We have travelers, entrepreneurs, artists, students, and people from many other backgrounds.

What unites this diverse group of people is an interest in answering the central question of WDS: “How do we live a remarkable life in a conventional world?”

Looking ahead to this July, we’ll soon be announcing a list of all-new speakers, as well as a couple of big things we’ve never tried before.

We also know that the best part of WDS is community, so we’re working hard on ensuring that we provide plenty of opportunities for everyone to connect during the big week in Portland.

That’s the short version. 🙂


Tickets tend to go very quickly. We’ve sold out before as quickly as 13 minutes, and the last round of 1,000 tickets was gone in an hour.

This time, we think it will take a bit longer — probably at least a few hours, perhaps even a day or two. However, since it all depends on demand, we really don’t know for sure. If you want to attend this July, the best strategy is to be ready to purchase right at 9am PST next Wednesday.


We realize this date and time may be difficult for some people. Alas, there is no time zone that accommodates the whole world, so we use 9am PST to reach as many people during waking hours as possible.


OK, that’s it! I’ll see you in a week with the FINAL ticket sale.

Yours in World Domination,

Chris Guillebeau


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