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Greetings, friends and readers. Book tour is just under one month away. I’m freaking out at the prospect of visiting 63 cities, but we’ll deal with that later.

More news about the Unconventional Guides is expansion is below. If you just care about the contest, click this link when you’re logged into Facebook –

–> Contest! Win big prizes! Click to enter.


Expansion: Vertical vs. Horizontal

This is the Sunday Store Update, where I share some brief news about the business side of AONC. Lately I’ve been thinking about the two ways to grow a small business: outwards (horizontal) or inwards (vertical). Earlier in the year, I focused on horizontal growth, building new products like the world famous Empire Building Kit and establishing more of a platform with strong partners.

I’m done with product development for the rest of 2010, so now I’m looking inward, tweaking a few things, building out a few other things, and generally trying to create stability so this business can continue to thrive for years to come. Entrepreneurs are usually unbalanced people (“balanced people don’t change the world” as I like to say), and the weakness of this characteristic is that most of us are not naturally good at vertical expansion.

Thankfully, I’m slowly learning to ask for help, and I’m taking the right steps to ensure that this project can have a long, productive life.

New Facebook Page! New Twitter Account! (Plus, How to Win)

I finally figured out that since the Unconventional Guides biz pretty much exists because of social media, it might as well have an identity of its own instead of just “Chris Guillebeau’s store.” With that in mind, we’re ramping up over on the Facebook and the Twitter—and to kick things off, we’re giving away a complete “I Want It All” Combo Pack ($873 value) to one lucky winner, two weeks from today.

–>Head over here to enter the contest

You can also:

1) Follow @unguides on Twitter and add us to a Twitter list (any list is fine)

2) “Like” UnGuides on Facebook

And … wait for it … there’s more!

We’ll be giving away additional prizes and free stuff every week for the next four weeks through the Facebook page and Twitter account. In addition to the grand prize of a $873 Gift Package (every product in the shop), we’re also giving away additional gift certificates, an Empire Building Kit (“Hail Caesar” version), First Class airline amenity kits, and $25 vouchers to the 10 people who refer the most fans to our new page.


That’s it for now; thanks for reading. I’m in the middle of my FINAL INTERNATIONAL TRIP of 2010. After I get home a week from tomorrow, I’ll be in the great PDX for three whole weeks before heading out to see the United States of America—all 50 of them.

Keep rocking the universe, keep being awesome. And come on over and win something! Here’s wishing you well.

– Chris


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