When to Buy and When to Sit it Out

When To Buy

Whenever I release a new product, I always get questions from people wanting to know if they should buy it. For years I never knew how to answer this question—I just said, “Sorry, I’m not good at providing personal recommendations on products. If you’re uncertain, skip this one and read the blog for free.”

I said that for a couple of different reasons. First, I never want anyone to feel any kind of pressure to sign up for something if it’s not an amazing fit for them. I like product launches, but I also like to sleep at night.

Second, what I said was true—I’m honestly not good at determining whether a particular product is good for someone or not! Everyone’s situation is different.

But after hearing the question over and over, I now have a better answer, and I think it holds true for more than just the few things I produce that are for sale. I think this answer holds true for anyone buying anything. Here’s the answer.

When you look at something new and wonder whether you should buy or not, review the materials carefully and ask yourself a few questions:

Does this resonate?

Does it make sense on an intellectual and emotional level?

How do I feel when I think about buying this or not buying this?

If the answers are yes—it resonates, it makes sense, and you feel good about the purchase, you should buy it or sign up or whatever you need to do. Don’t sit on the fence! Take action! The adage is true: we regret the things we don’t do far more than the things we do.

If the answers are no—it doesn’t make sense to you, or you’re just not excited about it, you should skip it and not worry about missing something good. Maybe it just wasn’t right for you, or maybe you just didn’t need it—and that’s fine too.

Resonance is important because you shouldn’t follow the crowd and jump off the bridge. You should make your own decision based on your own needs and situation.


Adventure Capital: Sign Up Now! (Or not)

Last week we relaunched Adventure Capital to the world… but we didn’t do much in the way of shouting it from the rooftops. Unconventional? Definitely.

Lately I’ve been thinking about the kind of business I want to have. Part of this involves being more intentional about the kind of customers who are ultimately served.

In the past we’ve had launches that took in thousands of people a day, sometimes for several days. Because Adventure Capital is a higher-end, more thoughtful experience, I knew we wouldn’t be welcoming the masses, but I did (and still do!) want to welcome the right kinds of people the year-long course.

Here’s what you should do if you’re trying to decide. Read through the website. Understand who it’s for. In this case, Adventure Capital is for two groups of people:

1. You have an idea, but you need help getting off the ground.

You’ve heard of the microbusiness revolution… how thousands of people are opting out of the traditional system of work. It sounds great, but you need help.

2. You have an existing business, and you want to increase sales.

You’re ready to ramp up! You just need to know how to do it, with limited time as you manage your business and all kinds of other responsibilities.

Do you fit in either of those groups? If not, there’s an easy answer: no pressure! Sit this one out and keep reading the blog for free.

If you do fit, great. Proceed to step 2: Think about it. Do you have a plan to systematically grow your business over the next year?

If you’re ready to work, Adventure Capital can give you help you do this. For the next three days, we have a special offer: join now and get the third month free.

This is the last time we’ll include this bonus, and it disappears forever on Wednesday night at midnight PST.

Sign up now! (Or not.)

–>More info here.


Image: Library of Congress

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