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Link: Online Business Training That Works (Ends Wednesday)

Hey everyone,

A couple weeks ago I let you know about a popular online business course that’s returning to the market. Well, it’s back! And actually, it goes away later this week. (I was a bit behind in following along with the video series—I just caught up and it looks really good.)

There’s still time to join, and if you’re looking for specific training that will help you in the new, new economy—along with a community to support you for years to come—this is a great offer with a lot of value.

As I always say, you don’t need this course or any other to succeed. You can learn a lot on your own, or with low-cost resources like The $100 Startup (nearly half a million copies sold worldwide) and my new book, Born for This (coming in 38 days! pre-order now).

However, courses like this one can be great at giving you a fast-track plan to success, complete with built-in accountability in the form of thousands of other people who are going through the program at the same time.

How I Can Help (If You Want)

I don’t do any kind of paid coaching or consulting, but if you join this course, I’ll be available to help. As you go through each week’s lessons, whenever you need personal support or just want to run something by me, I’ll be available for quick consultations at no charge.

Also, I’m happy to be an affiliate for the course (I’ve seen how it’s helped many people in our community year after year), but you don’t need to use my link. If you’d rather sign up directly, or from one of the other affiliates, that’s all good with me.

Either way, it’s not too late to create your own freedom. Here’s the link if you’re interested:

Link: Online Business Training That Works (Ends Wednesday)


Image: Flazingo

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