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WDS 2015: First Round of Tickets Now On Sale!

Link: Registration Now Open

I’d love to invite you to an adventure like no other. Next summer in Portland, Oregon, we’ll be hosting the fifth anniversary of the World Domination Summit… and you’re invited!

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There will be great speakers.

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There will be a world record (we can’t say what it is yet, but it will definitely be record-setting).

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There will be parties (we pride ourselves on this, it’s true).

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If you’re an introvert, that’s okay—many of us are, too. You’ll feel welcome and safe.

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But most important of all, there will be community.

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Watch a 10-Minute Brand New Video

Last week we unveiled a brand-new video that shows the WDS experience through the eyes of one of our attendees. Check it out!


Read 150+ Unfiltered Attendee Reviews

Perhaps the best way to understand WDS is to hear from those who have been. You can read 150+ independent reviews of WDS from our attendees.

How Ticket Sales Work

All tickets are offered on a first-come, first-served basis. Check the link below to see if there are still tickets available:

Every year the event sells out months in advance, and we don’t sell tickets at the door.

If you have any last-minute questions, Send us a note. Our team is standing by during the ticket sale today.


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