Using Email to Build Your Community

In Washington, D.C. a while back, I sat down with Justin Premick to talk about how I use email to interact and build relationships with the AONC community. You can see several short videos from our interview.

Highlights include –

  • Why I don’t read unsubscribe data
  • The “Sorry, I am a complete idiot” message I sent to my customer list after a big mistake
  • How “authenticity” can be more than just a buzz word (even for big companies)
  • How to sell products without being pushy
  • Building personal relationships with 20,000+ people



I use Aweber for all my email services and have been very happy with them. If you have a blog or business of any kind, you need a good third-party email service. Once your list grows more than a couple hundred people, your messages simply won’t get through if you’re trying to send them on your own.

Feedburner allows bloggers to send free broadcasts of their posts, but you have no control over the messages. With the Aweber service, I can write to everyone at any time, in whatever format I choose. I can also segment lists, create separate lists for each product, and so on.

I have an affiliate link for Aweber (email me if you want it), but I’m mentioning them as a happy customer, not for promotion. Whether you use them or not, the point is that email is tremendously important to any good business or blogging strategy.

Speaking of email, are you on the AONC list? Good times. Great coffee. (OK, at least you get the good times, and it’s free.)


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