Unconventional Guides 15% Off Sale (Only Once a Year, Pumpkin Pie Edition) Holiday Sale - Limited Time

Greetings from AA flight 693, on my way homeward after a big adventure that I’ll explain next Monday. For now, we’re gearing up for Thanksgiving in the U.S. tomorrow, a good time for gratitude, pumpkin pie, and fall sales.

A sale? Yes … just one.

Every year we have only one sale at Unconventional Guides. Until the end of Cyber Monday, you can get 15% off everything in the store by using discount code CRANBERRY upon checkout. And yes, this includes the Empire Building Kit and all of our combo packs. Here’s the link:

–>Big Savings, Everything Must Go, etc.

Oh, and we now have classes for everyone (for the first time…)

A while back, I hosted two sold-out online classes, one a Beginner’s Guide to Travel Hacking, and the other on Working from the Road. By popular request, you can now pick up the complete recordings and additional resources for both classes in one convenient bundle.*

That offer is over here:

–>Travel Hacking + Working from the Road Bundle

Of course, the discount code works on this bundle too. It is Thanksgiving, after all.

Remember: the sale is only once a year, no hype, enjoy it while it lasts. And be sure to eat some pie on Thursday! (Even if you’re not in America, it’s OK to eat pie.)


*Those who previously registered for the classes should have already received the recordings—let us know if not.

Image: CR

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