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Two years ago I started the business that now supports AONC in full, allowing us to operate the site without being beholden to advertisers or conducting donor drives.

If you’re new here, I often use the “Weekend Update” space to talk about what’s happening in the business—but while I’ve been on the Unconventional Book Tour, I haven’t really promoted the business at all.

From the beginning, my strategy with has been to create valuable work and allow the word to spread. If you’re thinking about starting your own business, my advice is: Don’t have sales all the time; instead, provide something valuable and charge a fair price.

Unless you’re trying to compete with Wal-Mart, I don’t think a business needs to discount—it’s much better to compete on awesomeness. (I actually undercharge in my business to start with, which is another reason not to discount.)

But hey, it’s Thanksgiving!

Sales are fun, and everyone’s going to the mall. Therefore, once a year (only once) we do a sale. It’s very simple: until midnight on Monday, everything in the store is 15% off.

Throughout the whole year, also give 10% of our total revenue to our water project in Ethiopia. During the sale period I’ll increase it to 15%, so you can save 15% for yourself and another 15% will go to the project.

To get the savings, use discount code PUMPKIN in the checkout screen on any purchase, including our flagship Empire Building Kit, gift certificates for the holidays, or anything else. It only happens once a year, and the discount code will expire at midnight on Monday.

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U.S. readers, have a Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! Worldwide readers, enjoy the break as you get the internet to yourself…


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