Unconventional Guide to Discount Airfare – Now Available

Today I am proud to announce the release of my first commercial product on the Art of Nonconformity site. After receiving a great deal of email from many readers asking for more practical details on how I travel, I decided to take the plunge and write an ebook on discount airfare.

In this 29-page guide, I document the good and the bad about flying in North America and beyond. Through general tactics, specific examples, and stories of adventures gone wrong (and right), I explain how to purchase airfare at discounted prices regardless of oil prices and airline insanity.

In short, the guide will help you travel more often for less money.

The subtitle is “Surviving Stress and Maximizing Fun,” and that’s pretty much what I’m going for — helping you learn to enjoy travel planning for a change, in spite of the hostile environment that the airlines present us with these days.

Click here to read more or to purchase the guide.


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  • Wayne Boerger says:

    Looks great Chris. I’ve recently discovered your site (from Seth Godin, maybe?) and just read your manifesto this morning. Great stuff.

    Safe travels, hope to see you in some far flung place soon. 😉

  • Chris says:


    Thanks! I’m sure we could meet up anywhere, you never know.

    Getting some good feedback on the first guide — hopefully one of the initial readers will come over and post some comments at some point. It’s 29 pages, so it might take a while to read. 🙂

  • Elliot Webb says:

    I’m halfway through, and already this book has been an amazing eye opener! There are things in here you would never have even heard about before, but this book really does give you some great travel advice to use whenever you are looking to fly. Just by visiting some of the links in the book, I’ve already found prices a lot cheaper than I would have before.

    It’s been great, I’ll write a full review after I’ve read the rest, but so far I feel like I’ve stolen the book for that price. 🙂 Well worth the investment. Thanks Chris.

  • MJR says:

    One comment – it seems a bit pricey without a sample available to judge the value of the tips, writing etc. I would suggest offering something to get people in the door other than a table of contents.

  • Hey Chris,

    I am very interested in the guide, but am hesitating only because I am unsure as to how helpful it will be to be not being a citizen of the US.

    Looking forwards to an Australian edition 😉

  • Chris says:


    Thanks so much! I’m really glad you’re enjoying it, and I appreciate you posting that feedback. It’s good to hear.


    Point noted. I’ll be adding a 2-page sample soon – hopefully by the weekend.


    Yes, I understand. This is the first of what will be a series of guides, and most of them will be for a more worldwide audience.

  • Elliot Webb says:

    @Chris Howlett

    Hi Chris, I too am not a citizen of the US, but I do live here now. I have this guide and I think that even if you are not a citizen here, there are still some really great tips you can put into practice regardless of where you are based, that’s the good thing about the guide, and I am only half-way through.

    I’m from England (London), but I’ve been living here for the last 7 years, so I’m always checking prices on flights to go back and see my family now and again. Recently prices on flights have hit some of the highest levels I’ve seen, so I have not been able to get back as much as I’d like.

    This is why I bought this guide, I thought to myself it couldn’t hurt for that price, and I’m glad I did, last night after reading 15 pages and just for the fun of it, I used one of the links inside the guide. I found 2 tickets at about $400 less than I’ve seen before from the way I used to search, so I did the math:

    Guide = $25,
    Newly found tickets = -$400 less than Ive found before
    Getting one over on Expedia = priceless! 🙂

  • Reese says:

    As the designer of this book, I’ve read it and can vouch for its amazing value. Chris has tips in this ebook that make me actually EXCITED about traveling, and it’s been a long time since the notion of hopping on a plane gave me any thrills.

    Bottom line: you want to save some cash or get a better flying experience, this is money well spent. Some of the the commissions you may have to pay a travel agent can be far more than the cost of this book. It’s a small investment for peace of mind and some serious bones saved on your flight costs.

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  • Andrew says:

    Hey, I really liked the looks of that guide and it seems like you’ve hit a really promising niche here–I’d be very interested in helping you to promote it: do you have any type of affiliate program? If not, I’d highly encourage you to set something up–Clickbank is the most obvious place for e-books, but if you don’t like them (some people don’t, understandably) then there’s plenty of other options for sure. Again, I’d really be interested in helping you sell your e-book, so let me know if there’s anything we can work out.


  • Cris says:

    The guide is great, Chris.. thank you!
    Even though I am not from the US and don’t live there, the first part of the guide is not very helpful for me, but I’ve read it all anyway and it’s really good. I’ll tell my North-American friends about it.

    The second part is full of good tips I’ll certainly use from now on, everywhere, and all the links are saved to my favourites. 🙂

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