‘Unclutter Your Life’ Book Giveaway


My friend Erin Doland recently published a book that is the culmination of her life’s work over much of the past decade. It’s called Unclutter Your Life in One Week, and it’s one of the best books on personal organization I’ve read.

Because I want to support authors, I paid full price for the book before I even saw it. But Erin was kind enough to send me an extra copy that I’d like to give to one of you.

If you’d like to get my extra copy, hop over to the AONC Facebook Page and leave a comment saying “I want the Unclutter book!” or something to that effect. I’ll pick a random entry and send you the book wherever you are at my expense.

Otherwise, definitely check out the book online or at your local bookstore. As mentioned, Erin is a friend of mine, but lately I’ve been receiving about three books a week from publishers and I almost never review any of them. This one is worth it.


In other news, thanks to everyone who picked up Frequent Flyer Master! It’s been a great product launch thus far, and I’ll post a more detailed analysis within the next 10 days or so. We sold out the first 150 copies in the morning and early afternoon on Thursday, which was much quicker than I expected.

The most recurring question I’ve been getting has to do with the worldwide application of the guide. This is hard to answer, because it’s true that many mileage offers are U.S.-only. However, even if you can’t earn hundreds of thousands of miles a year like I do, I’m confident that you can earn at least 25,000-50,000, enough for at least one or two free trips, without much difficulty wherever you are.

And if you do live in the U.S., it’s pretty simple — in fact, in the week between finishing the guide and the launch, one of the offers mentioned has skyrocketed up to 100,000 miles. Meanwhile, another offer came out that allows anyone in the world (not U.S.-only) to purchase miles on a buy-one-get-one-free basis. Normally, purchasing miles is cost-prohibitive, but with this offer you can effectively buy your way into premium tickets to anywhere for about 25% of the usual cost. Business class to anywhere in Europe is $1100, to Asia is $1400, etc.

All that to say that it’s been a very good week for travel hacking. Naturally, I’ll be informing everyone who owns Frequent Flyer Master about how they can take advantage of these deals. If you’re not in the club yet, here’s the link to learn more.


That’s all for today, and no more product launch news for another week or two. Later this week I’ll take off for Azerbaijan and Georgia (not the Atlanta one). Wherever you are, here’s wishing you a great week.


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