Introducing The World Float: Your Chance To Set a WORLD RECORD!


Have you ever wanted to set a world record?

Go down in history with a gold star next to your name?

Do something crazy and fun that you’ll remember forever … or at least until your next world record?

This summer, you have a chance to do exactly that.

We have 3,000 people coming to town in July for the third-annual World Domination Summit. It’s our biggest group ever, and WDS is all about doing big things.

Last year we learned of an attempt to set a world record of the longest floating human chain. This record is currently held by a group of Italians, who achieved the record with more than 500 people in 2008.

Last year’s attempt to break the record was valiant (see the photos!), but alas—it fell short of the required numbers. That’s where we come in.


Most events at WDS aren’t open to anyone who doesn’t have a ticket, simply because there’s no space. This year we’ll be in the biggest theater in Portland and there’s still no space, with every seat sold out six months in advance.

But The World Float will be open to all! If you’re attending WDS 2013, or if you’ll be near Portland this July, you’re invited to join us on the Willamette river for The World Float!

Wondering how it works? Conveniently, we have answers.

On the morning of July 5, at least 600 of us will gather on the Eastbank Esplanade near the Hawthorne Bridge in Portland—about half a mile from downtown.

This is a non-profit event with a minimal cost ($20) for materials. All participants will receive a FREE commemorative inner tube (what you’ll be floating in) and life jacket (to save your life if you fall off!).

There are a few simple requirements, which you can read about on the signup page. If you don’t know how to swim or aren’t comfortable with being on the open water, for safety reasons we’ll need you to sit this one out.

Otherwise, this is open to all WDS 2013 attendees as well as anyone who will be in Portland this summer. If you’re planning a road trip around the 4th of July holiday, feel free to join us for this massive undertaking!

Big thanks to Tyler for coordinating this from our team, and to Will for organizing much of the local side of things.

We need at least 600 people to break the record on July 5th. Will you be one of them?

–>Sign up to make history!

We can’t do it without you.


Images: Oregonian

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