The Third Way: New Interactive Meeting Thursday, May 7

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Last week I did a Masterclass for several hundred people who had pre-ordered The Money Tree. Can you have that many people on Zoom at once? Apparently you can!

It was a lot of fun, and in some ways, it reminded me of my book tours … you know, like the one I’m not doing now.

In the book, the main character Jake gets invited to a weekly meeting with a group of people who are all trying to create financial security for themselves. Some want to quit their jobs, others just need to pay off debt, and others like the idea of doing something different with their free time.

The group offers feedback, advice, and support. It’s called The Third Way, based on the premise that the two most commonly-known models of starting a business don’t work for most people. (The Third Way is all about starting quickly and avoiding debt.)

Since the book has been out, several people—okay, dozens—have asked if we could have a virtual version of the group.


Well, I’m not sure I’ll be able to do this every week, but we’ll begin with an inaugural meeting and see how it goes. These days I’m up for all sorts of experiments.

Want to join in? Just sign up and show up! It’s completely free, with nothing for sale. Just note: unlike other classes I’ve done, this group meeting will NOT be recorded and rebroadcast later, as the focus is on a real-time experience.

I look forward to talking with people who are reading the book and putting some of the ideas into practice. We’ll go from 60-90 minutes, and most likely the format will be 50% teaching and 50% Q&A. Bring your questions and websites to share!

Link: –> Sign up for a Live Meeting

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