The End of Consulting

Hey everyone, it’s time for the new Sunday Store Update. This is a feature where I post a brief update every Sunday afternoon to tell you more about the small business I’m building to support the rest of the site.

I have a no-hype marketing policy, and I ask that you don’t buy anything from me unless you have a clear need for the product. All regular content is ad-free and freely available.


Today the update is about the end of consulting – at least, the two hours a week of coaching that I’ve been doing.

Last fall I introduced a test: two personal sessions each week with readers who wanted individual help with questions on self-employment and creating a plan of independence.

It’s gone fairly well – I met some great people, and I feel like I provided real value to them in the time we spent together. A few months in, though, I’ve decided to stop taking appointments for the twice-weekly personal sessions.

The reasons are:

1) I’m writing a book. By all accounts, this takes a lot of time. Every night I put the laptop under the pillow, but in the morning I have only a sore head – no new chapters have magically outlined themselves. Hmmm.

2) I like helping people for free. I do this every single day through Twitter, all of the writing on the site, occasional in-person meetings, and lots of email. This week someone wrote in to say, “I quit my office job 5 months ago, and your blog helped me make that tough decision. Thanks!”

I recommend thinking about motivations as much as possible. My motivation is to accumulate stories like that, and I like the model of writing and working for free as much as possible.

The goal of my small business is to help people break out of conventional lives and change the world. It’s pretty much the same goal as all of the writing I do for free, so I want to consolidate my efforts during this time.

New Combo Packages in the Store

Naturally, I can’t provide a great deal of personal help for everyone all the time, so I will have an alternative. The alternative is that you can now purchase a “one-hour jumpstart” with the purchase of my Working for Yourself guide.

Of course, if you don’t want the one-hour jumpstart (most people won’t, since there is a ton of info available in the guide and audio sessions), you can still buy the guide by itself. I noticed that in almost all of the personal sessions I’ve done over the past few months, we ended up referring back to this guide several times, so it just made sense to offer it as an add-on for anyone who needs it.

Also, as I create some more products I’ll offer them in different bundles where you can save money when purchasing more than one. This weekend I spent some time with PayPal and set up the “Buy Everything” bundle, the “Working for Yourself” bundle, and the “Travel Master” bundle.

If you’re interested, you can see the new packages over here.

Free Side Lesson

Also, here’s a free side lesson to fellow entrepreneurs (of all kinds): when you begin to introduce new products and services, you want to have some higher-priced items to “anchor” the lower-priced ones.

It’s a smart decision for two reasons. First, some true fans will buy the higher-priced items, generating more revenue for you. Second, you’ll usually sell more of the lower-priced items just by having the higher-priced ones available. Odd but true.

That wraps up the update for today. See you tomorrow, where we’ll look at several Good Things about the Recession. (It’s a surprisingly long list.)


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