The $100 Startup Mega-Sale (Buy the book now, get … everything)


UPDATE: This sale is now over. Thanks for your support and I’ll see you at the launch! You can still pre-order direct from Amazon or your local bookstore.

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In just a few more weeks, we’ll release The $100 Startup into the world.

It’s a book I’ve been working on for years, and it’s almost ready to go.

Early reviews and industry feedback are extremely favorable. We’ll be debuting a video trailer and hitting the road to everywhere starting on May 8.

But first! A sale!

For this week only, I’m offering a special sale for those who’d like to pre-order extra copies to give to their friends. In exchange for purchase, I’m giving away the store with a big list of bonus items.

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If you’ve ever wanted to pick up something from Unconventional Guides, you can cover the cost with this purchase and get extra copies of the new book for your friends.

How It Works and What You Get

I don’t use discounting as a strategy and usually have only one sale a year. This time, though, I’m going all-out. I want the book to do very well at launch (see below on why it matters) and I’m willing to do anything I can to encourage early pre-orders.

In other words, you can help me by ordering the book now, and you’ll get a number of things I’ve never offered before. The offers are below, and all of them include FREE SHIPPING and a 20% discount from the $23 list price.


Buy 3 books and get a free online class on how to see the world and work from anywhere, featuring completely new info based on The $100 Startup model.

This is what I’ve done for 10+ years, and in the 60-minute online class, you’ll learn the basics of setting up an online business that can be run from home … or the jetway.

You’ll also get a $20 gift certificate toward anything in the Unconventional Guides store (no restrictions, no expiration date).

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Buy 10 books and get two free online classes and the original Working for Yourself guide (recently updated with all-new info). You’ll get 120 minutes of instruction and 10,000 words of an immediate action plan. The second class will provide a detailed overview of travel hacking, including seven new ways to earn free plane tickets in 2012.

You’ll also get a $50 gift certificate toward anything in the Unconventional Guides store (no restrictions, no expiration date).

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Buy 50 books and get a FREE copy of the Empire Building Kit, $270 in additional products, and everything you need to take over the world.

You’ll also get our unending gratitude, and my cat assistant will come to your house and make pancakes—subject to her cooperation, of course.

Order Now | Read More

There is also an offer to buy 500 or 1,000 books for even more bonuses. I know that most people can’t do that, but for those who are able or interested, we’ll offer two spots to the sold-out World Domination Summit and even come to your city for an additional tour stop if you’d like.

Contact me if you’d like to place an order in that quantity.

Why It Matters

Writing and researching the book was a labor of love for several years, and the book tells the stories of more than 50 other people who found freedom by starting a small business. I want them to be proud of getting their message to as many people as possible.

If you’re just joining us, I don’t promote commercial things very much, and I never ask for your money directly. The AONC blog is free and doesn’t contain advertisements or sponsorship. We do have a store and various products for sale, but I’m proud that more than 90% of the community reads for free. I always say that the best way people can help is to tell other people about it.

For this book, however, I’m very excited and I do hope that you’ll consider picking it up. It’s been in the works for a long time, and my greatest hope is that it will help a lot of people. To do so, we need to debut well in May and show the publishing industry that the book is a serious product that will go far.

That’s all I have to say about the big sale—but do me a favor if you don’t mind. In addition to buying books, would you share the news about the sale? I’d be grateful for any sharing on Twitter, Facebook, and your blog. I won’t make this request again for three more weeks, when the book is actually available.


UPDATE: This sale is now over. Thanks for your support and I’ll see you at the launch!

You can still pre-order direct from Amazon or your local bookstore.

Have a great week!

– Chris


Image: Tera Wages

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  • Shelter says:

    I’m super excited and can’t wait for the book to come out.

  • Chris, even though I enjoy my life and have found my own path I still love to stop by and read your blog and think about ‘back in tha day’ when our paths crossed for awhile as we traveled and shared some of the same goals…I shared your blog and newest book on my facebook page because I do believe that what you share here has real and lasting value to those who really grasp what it is to master ‘the art of non-conformity’!

    Life is so much more enjoyable when you live it according to your own standards and goals, and not what is imposed upon you by culture, trends, and/or your peers.

  • Nicole says:

    When do you think you’ll announce the venues to match the cities?


  • Chris says:


    Hopefully soon! We have about two-thirds of them so far and are just awaiting a few final confirmations.

  • Cath says:

    Hi Chris,

    I’d like to buy 3 copies of your book to help you reach your goal, however I can’t find any info on shipping costs and as I’m in Australia, this matters. What will it set me back?


  • Chris says:


    Shipping is free! (Yep, even for you.)

  • Looks like a great book! Can’t wait to read it.

  • Jean-Philippe says:

    Is there a way to pre-order only one book? it doesn’t matter if I don’t get any goodies.
    Even in the grand scheme of things, +1 helps.

  • Chris says:

    Yes, you can do that directly with,, or your own local bookstore. The bonuses here are for orders of 3, 10, or 50 copies.

  • I recently read your book, The Art of Non-Conformity and found it very inspiring! Many people believe that it’s not possible to build a life that you love while doing something meaningful and earning enough money to support yourself. I am currently building my own business and I want to build my venture around these ideas so I will check out your new book. Just want to say thanks for the inspiration.

  • Chris says:


    Thanks so much – it’s great to have you around.

  • Toni says:

    Chris, I am sitting in a coffee shop reviewing the 161 pages I read yesterday from my early copy(Thank you!). I am typing my one page business plan, preliminary mission statement and offer construction this very moment. I’ll write up a review and promote further when I’m done but for anyone contemplating the purchase, buy now! Insanely helpful guide for anyone already on the path or contemplating starting something. I’m having trouble not highlighting everything in the book!

  • Just bought 3! Can’t wait to get this book in my hands and out to my friends. When can I expect to get the online class and gift certificate? Thanks!

  • Rachel says:

    Chris, I just bought 10. Psyched to give nine of ’em away at the StartingBloc Boston’12 Institute for Social Innovation, May 24-28!

    See you on May 9th.

  • Gwen says:

    I couldn’t afford to buy three books, though it is a very generous offer, but I purchased one from Amazon, and am very excited to read it.

  • Chris, I’m half way through the book and it’s well written and incredible helpful. I just want to tell everyone it’s worth buying at least 10 copies and giving them to people who could benefit from them. I got an advance copy but I’m buying at least 10 to give away, it’s that good and that needed. With all the negative news out there about work and business, this book makes you see things in a new light.

  • Monique says:

    Just placed an order for one copy at my local bookstore. Thanks for the inspiration to try a new venture. So excited.

  • Dan says:

    This may be a COMPLETELY unreasonable and un-do-able request, but I’ve cut all my reading back to kindle-only. However I do like to help out with book launches.

    I was wondering if you could (possibly) add a free kindle-formatted book to the 3 book purchases?

    If not, I’ll still probably pre-order coz i love your stuff

    Much love


  • Chris says:


    I’d love to, but I don’t receive any Kindle copies of my own for distribution – those are produced entirely between the publisher and Amazon.

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