Join Us for Sunset Yoga in Pioneer Courthouse Square on Saturday, July 11


Link: Sunset Yoga in PCS

In less than two short weeks, we’ll welcome many people from all over the world for the fifth annual WDS.

WDS itself is long sold out, but as mentioned previously, you can still sign up for a few events that bookend the main weekend:

Note: These activities will also sell out. Worldwide Waffles currently has about 150 spots left (out of 600), and several Academies are already fully booked. If you want to participate, don’t wait until the last minute to commit.

We’ve now added another activity that’s open to the public:

Sunset Yoga in Pioneer Courthouse Square!
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Pioneer Courthouse Square is the main city square of Portland, located right in the heart of downtown. It’s a crazy thing to rent out an entire city block, but that’s how we roll.

WDS is teaming up with our friends YogiNation and Jill Knouse Yoga for this unique Portland experience—and your presence will make it even better. Come say farewell to the setting sun, breathe, and meet all your future best friends.

Bring your own mat!

Link: Sunset Yoga in PCS


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