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Freely receive, freely give: All of the articles and posts on The Art of Non-Conformity are available free of charge with no advertising, sales pitches, or guilt trips. If you like the site, the best thing you can do is link to it from your blog and tell others about the posts. (Thanks for spreading the word!)

In addition to the free blog, we also offer a series of Unconventional Guides for sale. These products provide more detailed strategies and tactics for those who are exploring the worlds of self-employment and travel hacking.

  • Designed to Sell

    A road map to creative freedom. Includes a one-year, $5,000 income guarantee.
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  • Empire Building Kit

    How to build a business in one year by doing one thing every day. Toga and scepter not included.
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  • Travel Hacking

    If you’re excited about travel, you can earn hundreds of thousands of Frequent Flyer miles.
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Since 2008, we’ve helped tens of thousands of readers achieve goals of freedom and independence through travel and self-employment.

My boyfriend, Cameron, used your air miles/points strategy to make over 120,000 points in six months. We both flew to Costa Rica for free in first class — lived it up in the “Admiral’s Lounge” — then he flew himself and his brother to Alaska. Woo hoo! -Bonnie Caton

Art and Money is the most progressive, honest and motivational resource I have ever seen for artists. Keep it coming! -David Grudniski

I was a little bit unsure about purchasing because I’ve never purchased an information product like this before, but it’s absolutely worth it. The guide has helped to get me out of a rut and even my day job that I hate is feeling a little brighter because I have a project that I’m loving to look forward to when the normal workday is over. -Daniel Alcantara

Thanks for putting the 70+ hours into creating such an excellent product! It’s high-quality, saves me a lot of research and will help me plan for the future. -Josh Galban

  • See the world on a budget – now

    Our partner site, Cards for Travel, proves updated recommendations for credit cards that offer miles and points signup bonuses. By carefully managing your credit you can earn hundreds of thousands of miles each year, then use them to travel wherever you’d like.
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  • How to start a blog (56% off)

    A web host that I use for many of my projects is offering a 56% discount for anyone who signs up through referral. I’ve had a good experience with this company (after several disasters with others!) and I’m happy to recommend them.
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