Next Stop: Land of the Sphinx

After a month at home, I’m leaving this afternoon on my final “big trip” of 2008 – I’m headed to Egypt, Qatar, and Sri Lanka over the next couple of weeks.

This trip is part of my OneWorld Round-the-World ticket, so to get there, I have a bit of a circuitous route. I’ll stop off in Miami and Central America on the way, and return through Hong Kong and JFK.

I’ll be back in the U.S. the last week of September, but of course I’ll be posting according to the usual schedule while I’m on the road.

A couple of things you can help with, if you want:

*Literary Agent. After a couple of false starts, I’m still seeking a fantastic, A-list literary agent to represent me for my first book. At least 10 friends have referred me to various people so far, but this is a tough business and I am still unrepresented. If you know someone who has relationships with major publishers and you feel comfortable connecting us, please let me know.

*I don’t really understand LinkedIn very well, but I’m on there now. Add me as your connection (I am if you’d like, and I’ll add you back whenever I catch up on email.

That’s it for now. Oh, and feel free to share the writing on StumbleUpon, Facebook, etc. About 20% of my traffic comes from those sources, and I appreciate your referrals.

See you from Cairo!

(But first, sleeping on the floor of the Dallas airport, running walking a half-marathon in Miami Beach, a swing through El Salvador, and a connection in Madrid. It’s going to be fun.)


Image by Chris Chan

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