Mohammed Faris

“It’s not about dollars or followers. It’s about long-lasting impact”: Mohammed Faris at WDS 2017


Our second superhero in our WDS 2017 speaker video series is Mohammed Faris.

Mohammed is an international author, speaker, and leader of a community with more than one million people. He started his journey in 2007 when he became obsessed with the question: “Can faith boost productivity?” Mohammed has since spent the last decade trying to answer this question—from his own Islamic tradition—his popular blog,, and his new book The Productive Muslim: Where Faith Meets Productivity.

At WDS 2017 Mohammed taught us about the missing soul of productivity—leveraging spirituality to boost our productivity. There’s a hidden element of success that, in the Islamic tradition, is called “Barakah.” It can help you do more with less and live beyond your expectations.

“If you’re sincere in making an impact and building a better world AND you’re willing to put in the work hard, that’s the formula for success.”

“It’s not about the dollars and the followers. It’s about long-lasting impact that truly brings benefit to yourself and those around you and society at large.”

“Barakah is doing more with less… If modern productivity is about maximizing your output, then Barakah is about maximizing the impact of that output.”

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