Here’s the Proof of “Live Your Dream”: 40 Case Studies of Online Entrepreneurship


Link: 40 True Stories of Online Entrepreneurship

The other day I mentioned the upcoming relaunch of an extremely popular course on online entrepreneurship. Many readers joined the preview list and have been following along with the free video series—and the course opens its doors tomorrow!

One of the questions I’ve been hearing since then is: does it work? And related: where’s the proof?

Well, yes—it certainly can work. The proof comes in the form of case studies, stories of real people who’ve been through the training and applied it to their own lives and businesses.

Free Training

You can now access a new website that features 40 proven case studies of people who’ve been through the course. From the home page, click any of the links to read more about each person.

What I love about these case studies are the social proof they provide. The stories are different but lead to a common ending, also known as success.

As I said last year:

1. You don’t need this program or anything else.

Don’t feel any pressure! You should never hop on board with a popular trend just because everyone else is doing it. You should always figure out what works best for you.

2. But if you’re looking for a head-start, this course is great!

Marie Forleo, the founder, is legit. Last year I referred many readers to her, both as an affiliate and also directly with no benefit to me. The bottom line is that I only recommend resources I believe in and trust, and this is one of the rare programs that meets those criteria.

As mentioned, the course opens tomorrow morning. If you joined the email list from the post where I mentioned the free video series, you should automatically receive an invitation to register. I hope it helps many of you!

Link: 40 True Stories of Online Entrepreneurship


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