Video Update: Live from JFK Terminal 8

Hi everyone,

Greetings from Terminal 8 in JFK Airport – New York City, or so it appears to be outside the window. In about two hours I’m getting on a plane to fly down to Port au Prince, Haiti.

Last night I slept (relatively speaking) on the floor outside the terminal here after arriving well after midnight at LaGuardia and then taxiing over. I made this short video update while stuck in Dallas on a three-hour weather delay.

Highlights include what I think about going to a place like Haiti and my complimentary red blanket from American Airlines. Sorry for all the noise and boarding announcements in the background – airports are funny that way.

Hope you all are well! I’ll be in touch shortly.


Important: I don’t expect to have much internet access over the next few days, so bear with me. Comment moderation will also be slower than normal — but don’t let that keep you from chiming in.


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  • Elvis says:

    Have a safe and prosperous journey. Hopeful you are going to bring back something new.

  • Hi there, I imagine you will have an interesting trip to Haiti. Have you read this:

    Take care and best of luck!
    – Eric Greene

  • Christopher James says:

    Hi Chris,

    This is Just a short message to say how much I’m enjoying watching your video updates – it’s nice being able to see the man behind the blog, anyway take care in Haiti – I hear that it’s quite dangerous on the streets (due to the high levels of poverty and crime)

    Keep Safe, and I hope to hear about your adventures in the next blog.

    With Thanks Chris.

  • Mark Ketsdever says:

    You have a GREAT time in Haiti. I love the music from there, especially Konpa (or Kompa). It’s got a wonderful beat, makes me wanna dance!!

  • You are definitely living your freedom dream and then some. I’m a new subscriber and look forward to reading your continuing story!

  • Anirudh says:

    Hey Chris,

    I am so enjoying this video updates of yours. And yes we do take for granted the basic things in life, but I consider myself fortunate to even get these. As you mentioned about Africa, many many people around the world don’t have even these.

    I am sure you will be fine and post this experience you will be see life in a more new positive and fresh perspective !

    You doing a great job !


  • kathy says:

    Have an amazing time in Haiti. It’s one of the few places I think everyone should visit at least once in their lifetime. Beautiful country, even more beautiful people, and they need us. Take care.

  • Sam says:

    Have a great trip. You share some good thoughts about what it’s actually like living in a 3rd world country. Most of us really don’t have any idea what’s beyond the gates of the Club Med.

  • Just visited Emirates Air Dubai bus class new airbus. Fabulous. Jordan my 148 country TravClub.
    Started with 8 countries Army WW2 POW in 6 mos. 1967 rnd world 75 days 38 flights. At 86 yrs back to Spain and then Poland this summer to find POW site spent with 100 Italian Generals. Just found your site NYTimes today. Oh, what I have missed.

    What a time to go to Haiti. I have 12 of their paintings on my walls. Be careful,stay healthy.


  • Alex says:

    I could not really get through the entire video, for some reasons the connection was very slow, but this update from the road is awesome. I like it even better than your other 2 videos! I love the hussle and bustle in airports, the noise, the smells, the chaos, the energy, everything … except the delays! Have a FUNtastic trip and keep recording!

  • Dan Miranda says:

    That sounds like another adventure! Hope you have fun!

  • Horacio Ruiz says:

    Hi Chris:

    Just got to your site recently through Seth Godin. Liked it very much! I’m trying to read your manifesto but haven’t had the time yet. Look forward to it.

    When do you plan to come to Mexico?

    Take care.

  • Stephen says:

    Sounds like a blast. I notice Ecuador is still missing from you list, so drop me a note when you are planning that trip and I can give you some good info. I lived there for 10 years growing up and spent a month there with my family a few years ago. Everything from “must-see” places to good (and cheap) hostels.

    BTW, this video didn’t have moving pictures for me, just audio. Probably a traveling bug. 🙂

  • Caught the story about your adventures in the Times. Wish you all the best in travel. No more fun than to go and see the wild side of life. Haiti has not changed a lick since Baby Doc’s time. I have been there when people would not even get off of cargo ships docked for days.

  • Rashunda says:

    Congrats on surviving and I hope you have a fruitful time in Haiti. Quick question: What camera/webcam/codec settings or whatever are you using to get such clear, sharp video?

  • Chris "nomadic" Jansen says:

    Hi Chris,

    I’ve wanted to go to Haiti for quite some time, but mostly after reading “Mountains Beyond Mountains: The Quest of Dr. Paul Farmer, a Man Who Would Cure the World” by Tracy Kidder. If you have not read it, get a hold of it!

    Happy Trails!

  • I hope you have a great time.

    Like the couple from Halifax, I ceased flying AA a couple of years ago after the Christmas Travels from Hell.

  • Anthony says:

    Have a Great Trip. Check out the pic on the front of our web site. Taken by Don Mirra in Haiti for our project.

  • carole says:

    Dear Chris,hope you have a nice trip enjoy every minute of it,get back safely,nice to have guts like you, nice to hear from you when you get back,take care ,be careful.My thoughts are with you during your journey,Carole from Quebec Canada.

  • Jason Kallsen says:

    The video updates are cool and are adding a very personal touch to an already personal site. I like them and keep up the world-changing prose! We love it!

    Just curious — have you ever noticed how little you blink compared to others?

  • Ravi says:

    Right on buddy!

    Love your site and have fun in Haiti. I would love to explore that part of the world – Cuba, Haiti, Dominican. Looking forward to your trip report when u return safely.

  • Joe says:

    Chris! i recently made a travel and decided to be disconnected! no celphone, no computer, no internet.. enjoy it man.. take care and enjoy Haiti. By the way, im joining the conversation got here by Seth.. LOL =)

  • Kangai says:

    Hi Chris.

    I absolutely love your website. I got to know about it after Seth Godin blogged about your 279 Days manifesto.

    I’m an INSTANT FAN!

    Greetings from Kenya- hope you’ll stop by soon.


  • Bruce says:

    I was re-reading all the posts from this trip and realized you never mentioned any of the airline logistics and flight details. I’m speaking from the flyer-talk, mileage running, elite program member, rtw ticket aspect. How did you pull this trip off? Points? Unfinished rtw leg? Cash? (heaven forbid). Just curious. You know your ins and outs of air travel yet you make no mention how you pulled it off.

  • Chris says:

    Hey all, sorry to have let some questions go by here. It’s getting hard to manage all the comments on archive posts, but I don’t mean to leave anyone hanging.


    No plans to come to MX for a while, but since the flu outbreak I’ve been encouraging a lot of other Americans and Canadians to go down since the economy needs help.


    I’m just using the basic settings with iMovie on my MacBook.


    Yep, I’m a big fan of Paul Farmer! I looked for him in PAP but didn’t see him.


    You’re right, it looks like I didn’t make a logistics post for this trip. My apologies – if it doesn’t get done (it was a while back now), I’ll make sure to do it for the next one. In short, this was mostly done on an unfinished RTW leg, then coming home from MIA on a fairly cheap cash ticket with AA. But anyway, next time I’ll write it up in full.

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