Launch of New Unconventional Guides Site


Over the past few weeks I’ve been preparing to kick off a new online home for the business side of AONC. It’s finally ready!

Well, almost. The site is in beta mode for the next week as we tidy up a few things and make it even more awesome.


Remember, I help people for free every day and have no plans to stop. I’m beyond thrilled that anyone cares about what I have to say.

However, I’m also excited about the launch of my new business home. This has been on the schedule for the past several months, and even though it’s not 100% complete yet, it’s good enough to go live as we complete the final touches.

—-> Click here to visit


On the business side of things, we now have a real shopping cart with integrated merchant account (customers can pay directly with Visa, Mastercard, and AmEx in addition to PayPal). We’re also improving the affiliate program and creating gift certificates and new combo packs.

Beginning in January 2010 I’ll be launching several products and creating two online communities. will be the hub for these activities in addition to all of the current guides. In short, things are looking up on the business side of World Domination plans.

8% Beta-Test Discount

To celebrate the launch, I’m having my first sale of all time. Apparently it’s the season for sales, and we’re excited about getting this site up. When you purchase anything from the shop over the next week, use coupon code LAUNCHTEST to get 8% off your total order.

During this time the site will officially be in beta mode, so if something doesn’t work properly in the order process, let me know so we can fix it. You can continue to use the existing subdomains as well, and the discount will also work:


All credit for the design and brilliance goes to Reese Spykerman, superstar designer. Reese has a real talent for branding that goes far beyond basic design, and I’m always honored to work with her.

Stay tuned for more tweaks and a few more touches as we make it better and go into 2010 with some kind of actual strategy.

And thanks to all of you for your support! Fellow citizens of the U.S., have a great Thanksgiving holiday tomorrow.

Everyone else, Thanksgiving Day is all about gratitude and pie, two things I highly value. Some people also eat large birds. Feel free to join us in any or all of the festivities.


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