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Launch of Legal Guide + 20% Off Everything Sale!

Twenty percent off

Big news: it’s time for our once-a-year, everything-must-go sale at Unconventional Guides.

This year, there’s something special: after a long wait with no new products, we now have a new guide out today. Oh, we’re also doing a brand-new event. What! I know.

Read on for more … or click here to go to the site.


Our Annual Holiday Sale Is Here!

For the rest of the week, you can save 20% on everything we produce in the Unconventional Guides store. Twenty percent! Everything!

Use discount code pumpkin to receive 20% off anything you’d like to purchase.

For only the second time in five years, this discount applies to combo packs as well:

  • I Want It All (Includes everything in the shop, and even a few discontinued products)
  • Big Combo (Includes everything in the shop except the Empire Building Kit)
  • Travel Master (Our bestselling travel guides)

It also applies to all levels of the Empire Building Kit, as well as gift certificates.

We only have a sale once a year, right around the U.S. Thanksgiving holiday. If you want something, pick it up now—and remember to use discount code pumpkin at check-out.


Launch of the Unconventional Guide to Law and Order: Make the Law Work for You

Unconventional Guide to Law & Order

Our sale isn’t just on the unconventional inventory that you may have already seen. Today we’re launching a brand new Unconventional Guide to Law and Order and offering it at the same sale price of 20% off.

What You’ll Learn

This brand new legal guide is designed specifically to help entrepreneurs, bloggers, artists, and anyone with big dreams to leverage the law in their business building.

Among other things, you’ll learn:

  • What it takes to create a legally binding contract and what to do if an agreement doesn’t go as planned
  • How to structure business relationships using consultants and partners
  • The steps to license your intellectual property (protect all your words and images you’re sharing online) and what to do if someone is stealing your stuff
  • Handling taxes, business licenses and managing the risks that could get you into trouble

Most importantly, you’ll save yourself thousands of dollars by learning when you really need to call in an attorney, and when you can confidently handle legal matters yourself.

The evidence is clear: If you’re serious about building your business and want to do it right the first time around, you won’t want to miss out on this opportunity. This guide is written by Elizabeth Potts Weinstein, a super-smart California attorney who specializes in small business law, and it includes a ton of supplemental resources you can put to use right away.

And don’t forget—we’re launching this guide at 20% off! It’s not going to be this affordable again until at least a year from now. Don’t wait any longer—put your law in order today.

Note: the new Unconventional Guide to Law & Order is already priced at 20% off in the system. For everything else, use discount code pumpkin to see the discount magically appear.


Pioneer Nation (bitches)

Also! We’re Doing a New Event

The awesome team behind WDS and I are producing an all-new event next March, specifically for independent entrepreneurs and others who choose to work for themselves.

I’ll do a proper rollout of this event later in the week, but we’re already selling early bird tickets. If you’re interested and want to learn more before it goes out to the world, check it out below:

Pioneer Nation: A Celebration of Independent Work

This has been in the works for a long time, and we’re very excited to begin inviting the world to join us. More news Thursday!


That’s a Wrap… For Now

The launch of the new guide and the early-bird release of Pioneer Nation tickets represents the first steps of many changes in the AONC world.

I’m eager to keep things rolling more in the future, and I’m grateful for the amazing people who read the blog. Thank you! Happy holidays to all.

Update: the sale ends at midnight EST on Friday, December 6. Sorry, no extensions!

– Chris


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