Launch of $100 Business Forum


Today is the launch of my first business project of 2010 and first community group ever.

It’s called the $100 Business Forum, and it’s all about helping 150 people start small businesses on a small budget.

–> Click here to sign up or learn more


The premise is that you don’t need a lot of money—or a lot of advance preparation—to start what I call a “very small business.” Really, you don’t need much of anything other than a product or service, a group of people willing to pay for it, and a way for them to pay you. All of that can be done for less than $1,000 in most cases, and less than $100 in many cases.

How It Works

The $100 Business Forum is not a product you buy once and then download. It’s a community group where we’ll all meet every day for 28 days. The group is online, and you don’t have to worry about time zones – you just show up at least once a day for about twenty minutes.

This project is jointly produced with Pamela Slim, author of Escape from Cubicle Nation. Pam and I will co-facilitate the course, but much of the content will come from the participants themselves.

We’ve scheduled two classes so far – the inaugural one starts on February 1 and runs through Feb 28. The second one stars April 5 and runs through May 4.

Because the group will be interacting with each other on a regular basis, we’re limiting each class size to 150 participants. Naturally, since the group is called the $100 Business Forum, the cost is just $100.

–>Read more and sign up here


Also, if you’d help us spread the word about this project, I’d really appreciate it. You can direct people to this post or the registration site at

Update: Both groups are sold out! Thanks for your support.


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  • Caleb Hicks says:

    Got in! I’m super stoked, and am looking forward to working with everyone else who signs up.

  • jskipburns says:

    I am also quite excited to take part in this. I’ve always wanted to be part of a fun loving and world dominating group. Now, I get to live that dream.

    Happy MLK Day

    Skip “outstanding” Burns

  • Thanks Chris, your email caught me at just the right moment and I signed up! I am half way through Pam’s book as we speak and I follow your email and travels… and my husband and I are planning a 3 year around the world drive starting in 2011 so this is perfect timing as I’m scratching my head on exactly how i should segue my marketing work into an online business in the next 400 days. Talk to you both soon online.

  • Michael says:

    Chris, best of luck with this project! It looks really exciting and I’m sure it will be packed full of value for all participants! (myself included hopefully!)

    My wife and I enjoy reading about your travels but the really big value (for me) has come from reading about how you did and continue to do “this.” From your 279 day manifesto and posts regarding small & unconventional business I’ve received tons of actionable value!



  • Tyler Tervooren says:

    Aaaand…I’m in.

    Looking forward to helping 149 other people just as much as I’m looking forward to learning from them.

    See you Feb. 1.

  • Congrats! I’m sure it will be fantastic!

  • Dirk Cajada says:

    This is a great idea Chris. I’m already thinking a selection of success stories from this venture would make for great reading. All of the best!

  • Vee says:

    Just signed up too, really looking forward to getting started.

  • Wyman says:

    Hi Chris and Pam,

    I just signed up for the 28 days of mentoring. I look forward to getting to know the other 149 students. We all talk about replacing our incomes so we can travel and live an awsome life. For $100 this is the best way to really meet that goal.

    Come join us on your take action plan.

    The Wyman

  • Michael says:

    The timing is no good for me this time around, but I’ll be keeping an eye out for the next session’s launch. Besides, I’d like to get an opportunity to read Pam’s book before pursuing this opportunity. Looking forward to seeing the results of the first round.

  • maverickwoman says:

    I’m in and really excited about this. I stumbled across this site just a month ago. So happy to find others who think the way I do. I’ ve had an unconventional life, but haven’t yet mastered how to move above subsistence. So happy to see Chris making it work and, at 53, I’m pleased to learn from him. My new husband, 62, is working at a job he hates and we both want to be successfully (i.e., paying all bills and having the freedom of time) self-employed. We like the simple, frugal life, but neither of us likes the scrambling aspect. Between us, we have numerous salable skills, the key is making them work for ‘us’ instead of for ‘the man’.

  • Karen says:

    I’ve signed up. Looking forward to learing from you, Pam and everyone else.

    It’s going to be exciting! 🙂


  • Meg says:

    I’m wishing I didn’t have to pass up this $100 opportunity…. But timing just is no good — I just started the Personal MBA Crash Course this weekend! But, I think that after I do this I’d be in an even better position to do this forum.

    Hopefully there’ll be a spot left for me in April, I should have more free time then. 🙂

  • Nancy G. says:

    If we’re already in business, can we join?

  • Candy Paull says:

    I’m excited to be a part of the first group. I’ve been reading your blog since spring of 2009, bought Art + Money (and have been recommending it to others) and Social Networking, and have been applying some of the ideas to my own work and creative life. The focus of the course and the encouragement of others will be a powerful incentive to not only grow a business, but to expand my horizons. Looking forward to this unique opportunity.

  • I’m thrilled to be part of the inaugural group, and look forward to sharing ideas and learning from the others in the group! I started my business 1 year ago and am looking to both focus my company’s identity/offerings, and expand my reach. Thanks, Chris and Pam, for making this group possible!

  • Excellent project, Chris! You continue to blaze new trails!

  • Nick Rae says:

    Sweet, I’m in!!! Lets Rock!!!

  • Ken Cousino says:

    Chris, I made it in! I am really looking forward to this group! Your travels, blog have really come at the right time of my life! Thanks

  • Etsuko says:


    Very impressive – the 1st group was sold out in 90 minutes!!
    I just signed up for the 2nd group, as it works better for my schedule. I already have a business but I am just starting up, so it’ll be a good time to do any adjustment to make it even more awesome. Looking forward to April!


  • Sean says:

    Congrats on the launch! Sounds like it has already been quite the success!

  • Thanks so much for putting this together, Chris! Can you please do more than two sessions though? I really want to do this, but the second class will be happening during the end of my first semester as an MBA student while working full-time, so I want to be careful not to bite off more than I can chew. It definitely sounds amazing though!

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