Freelancers Needed… Long Work, No Pay, No Glory


Greetings, friends, readers, and small army. I went on vacation for a few days and am now ensconced back at home in the great city of PDX.

It’s always fun to go on vacation as a self-employed person, because a) you still have to work, and b) no one thinks you do any work to begin with. So then when you go on vacation, they say, oh, must be nice that you don’t have a job and can do that. Meanwhile on vacation I work six hours a day instead of ten. But it’s all good.


This is the Sunday Store Update. I use this time to write about the small business side of AONC.

Speaking of being self-employed, the next Unconventional Guide is all about freelancing—a resource for those who already do it successfully, and a field manual for those who want to do it but don’t know how to start. I’m creating this with a good friend, Charlie Gilkey. He’s taken the lead on it and is cranking out some great information all about changing the world through self-employment.

This guide will deal with things that none of my other resources touch on: taxes, insurance, managing clients, and so on. Boring, yes? Not really. These are the things that freelancers of all kinds have to deal with on a regular basis, but most of us have no clue how they actually work. When I got started working on my own, for example, I didn’t even know I had to pay taxes four times a year instead of once on April 15th like everyone else. Oops.

The guide will also look at increasing income, combining products with a service-based business, and a bunch of other fun stuff that I’ll tell you about closer to our mid-June launch. For now, I need some help from the current freelancers among us.

Survey for Self-Employed Peeps

For those among us who are currently self-employed or already working as some kind of freelancer, I’d love to get your input on a few things for this project. The survey will take three minutes or less, and hopefully they won’t be billable minutes. Do it for love, not money.

Click here to take the survey

(Please note: this survey is only for people who are self-employed or otherwise engaged in freelance work.)


I’ll see you again tomorrow, and then every Monday and Thursday until the end of the world. Lots of good things are on the way: more travel hacking, small biz ideas, another profile in non-conformity, daily ass-kickings on Twitter, etc.

Here’s wishing you an outstanding month of May!



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