Free Manifesto (and Now a Free Webinar) on the Art of Revolution in Entrepreneurship


Last week I mentioned Jonathan’s new manifesto, a free, no-fluff guide offered in the lead-up to his wildly popular RevolutionU course.

If you missed it, you’re not too late. He’s also hosting a free webinar (with live Q&A) later in the week. Everyone who downloads the manifesto is automatically invited to this free, action-packed webinar.

I’ve seen what Jonathan has in the works and I know it’s pretty special. I’m not sure if my tour schedule will allow me to participate in the webinar, but I believe he’s recording it—so if anyone’s in the same situation as me, you can still sign up now and access the content at some point later.

Link: The Art of Revolution (Free Manifesto + Free Webinar)


Image: C.C. Chapman (yes!)

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