Free and Low-Cost Travel Hacking Resources

Three quick updates from the Travel Hacking world …

Google+ Free Travel Info

I’ve been using the new Google+ service recently. Time will tell how long it sticks around, but so far I like it. As an experiment, I’m making a travel hacking circle to share tips and strategies. All info in this circle will be free.

To join:

1) Add me on Google+, and

2) Comment in this post. I’ll then put everyone in a Travel Hacking circle and share free tips and updates.

‘Beginner’s Guide to Travel Hacking’ webinar

I’ve also had a LOT of requests to share more basic info on travel hacking, especially how to get started and what you can do right away to rack up the miles and exchange them for free trips. I’m thinking of hosting an hour-long online class to answer all these questions and provide a framework to help people get going.

If I have enough interest (at least 300 people who definitely want it), I’ll put it together and build much of the content around what the group wants to know.

–>Put your name down here if you’re interested

Oh, and for those in the Travel Hacking Cartel, if I do the webinar, you’ll get a recording of it for free. I don’t want people to pay for things twice.

AONC Singapore Meetup

Lastly, my next itinerary sends me around the world, starting at the end of next week. Among other stops, I’ll be visiting gorillas in Rwanda and the Congo. But before I get there, I have a few days of transit through Southeast Asia.

While I’m passing through, I’ll host a meetup for readers and other fun people in Singapore on Saturday, August 13th. If you’ll be around, send me a note and we’ll put you on the list for details.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you’re having an excellent week.

– Chris

P.S. Would you join me in supporting my friend Colleen in her campaign for WriteGirl, a Los Angeles non-profit that helps teenagers learn and practice creative writing? (I tried to pay her to NOT shave her head, but she is insistent.)


Image: Patrick

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