Unconventional Guides Mega-Sale (“Everything Must Go” Edition) Holiday Sale - Limited Time

For everyone in the U.S., I hope you had a great Thanksgiving holiday yesterday. For everyone elsewhere, I hope you enjoyed having the internet to yourself.

Over at Unconventional Guides, we host a sale only once a year—and it’s this weekend!

This sale is different from all others. As alluded to a few times in recent months, we’re making some big changes. Among other things, I’m going all-in with the new course we’re building, Adventure Capital. We’ll be launching in beta right after the holidays, and then more publicly about six weeks later.

I haven’t said much about this course on the blog yet, but while I’ve been roaming the world I’ve been working steadily on it from hotel rooms and airplane seats.

As part of the process of continuous improvement, some older products from the shop are moving on. They’ve served our customers well for years, but … it’s time to change it up. Progress and improvement are constant. Embrace the new!

Our Loss, Your Gain; Everything Must Go, etc. etc.

In light of change and the post-pumpkin pie weekend for those of us in the U.S., everything in the Unconventional Guides shop is currently 15% off with discount code STUFFING, and the Combo Packs are 25% off with discount code PIE.

Stock up now, etc.

FYI: Among other changes, our Frequent Flyer Master guide is now going into its third edition. This new version should be ready by the end of the year, and will be free to everyone who owns a previous version.

These discount codes will be available until midnight on Monday, Eastern Standard Time.

Combo Packs (soon to disappear or be re-organized)

I Want It All. Get everything we’ve ever produced under the Unconventional Guides brand, including the highest version of the bestselling Empire Building Kit. Normal price: $649… Sales price: $486.

Unconventional Monster. Everything except the EBK—for those who already own it. Normal price: $379 … Sales price: $284

Travel Master. Get your travel hacking off to a strong start with the full versions of several guides for Frequent Flyer adventures. Normal price: $97.. Sales price: $72

A Personal Note

It’s always scary to change something that’s working. But that’s the problem, right? When it’s going along OK, you don’t have the imperative to make a shift. Yet that’s often when you need to!

AONC is all about encouraging people to think differently about risk, to consider change in positive terms instead of something threatening, and to attempt big things. Once in a while, I try to walk the walk.

Thanks again for reading AONC. As always, I’m grateful.

– Chris


Image: CR

*I’ll be in India for ten days starting next week. If you’re in Mumbai, Pune, Ahmedabad, Bangalore, or Delhi, I’d love to see you at one of our free events.

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