EBK Day 1: Happy Easter from Pittsburgh

Happy Easter, everyone!

Here’s wishing you peace and joy wherever you are on the planet, and wherever you are in life’s journey.


Thanks to Lufthansa and my big stash of U.S. Air miles (now smaller), I’ve made it back to America.

I’m speaking about fearlessness at Carnegie Mellon University today, and naturally I’m scared to death. Thankfully I’m speaking long after Jonathan Fields is off the stage, or else I’d be even more worried.

Empire Building Plans

After my talk, I’ll head over to Chicago for a whirlwind visit. J.D. Roth is coming in from the West Coast, and we’ll hit the ground running right after breakfast tomorrow.

We’re meeting a reader for a tour of the city and then doing something for the launch of his book Your Money: The Missing Manual. J.D. deserves his success and I’m happy to support him in this project. Buy the book here!

At some point tomorrow, I’ll meet up with a film crew who wants to talk with me about travel hacking and working abroad. Tomorrow night is our big meetup with co-host Alexandra Levit, columnist for the Wall Street Journal and author of New Job, New You—another great book about career change and transition.

Tuesday we’ll embark on the Empire Building Train and begin heading through Minnesota and Wisconsin. The day after is the big Empire Building Kit launch for an initial group of readers. I’m only selling it for 24 hours during this first launch—tomorrow I’ll explain more about how it works and why we’re doing it that way.

I’ll be writing at least one update every day for the rest of the week. I won’t send every update by email, but they will all be posted on the site—so if you’re interested, check back online.

New to AONC? Read this!

If you’re new here, I should explain my business model. Everything on my main site ( is free. I write 100+ articles a year. You can email me and I write back myself (more than 200 times a day). We can hang out on Facebook, Twitter, wherever.

I also have a small business that offers practical resources for world domination. I am pro-entrepreneurship and don’t think everything should be free all the time, and I also invest a lot of my own money in learning from other entrepreneurs.

Thanks to everyone for all the input on pricing the other day. It was very interesting, and a couple of people noted that there are several lessons you can learn just by reading all of the comments. I agree. As for the what the actual price will be, well, someone suggested $9 and someone else suggested $2,400–suffice it to say it will be somewhere in between those two extremes. 🙂

I’ve tried to be very clear that this is a more comprehensive resource than the other low-cost guides. It won’t go for the $1,000+ that a few people have recommended, but it won’t be under $100 either. There will also be three options to suit different situations. One of them is for “Emperors-in-Training” and has a very reasonable (but not cheap) price tag.

If it’s not for you, that’s totally fine. Feel free to stick around for everything else I do, or if you’re really offended by empire-building, then this blog probably isn’t for you either, and that’s OK.

Lastly, over the next few days there will be more mailings than usual and a bit more promotion than usual. After Thursday, I’ll be home and we’ll return to Regularly Scheduled Programming. (As much fun as this is, I’m getting tired from the trip and looking forward to a brief hiatus in my crazy adventures.)


OK, that’s it — my talk is CMU is happening right now, and then I’ll jump in a van and head out for my American Eagle connection to Chicago.

Have a great week!



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