Introducing Designed to Sell: The Guide to Creative Freedom

Cupcake Launch

Pop the champagne and brew the espresso… it’s finally here!

After six months of work, we’re now ready to unveil Designed to Sell.

–>Check it out over here

*A complete toolkit for creative freedom

*Hundreds of pages and dozens of interviews

*Follow-up support to ensure you succeed

*Featuring a $5,000 earning guarantee (it will help you achieve real success in your business, or you don’t pay)


Fun bonuses: Everyone who buys during launch week will receive an invite to an hour-long Q&A session with Jen & Omar (and me!). The first 100 buyers will also receive a custom, handcrafted notebook. Update: those are gone—but the guide is still available.

More info below if you’re interested…


Turn Your Creativity Into a Career: What It’s All About

Designed to Sell is a complete toolkit for building a lifestyle of creative freedom. It will walk you through the entire process of launching your own creative business, from your first idea to your first sale—and beyond.

You don’t have to work for someone else or use your artistic skills to create work that doesn’t matter. You can make money from the things you love to make. You can design your own future.

Who It’s For

Designed to Sell is for creators, crafters, fine artists, designers and any kind of maker who wants to build a lifestyle and career around the principle of creative freedom.

  • The professional designer or day job artist who wants more creative freedom outside of client work
  • The art school grad who wants to make art for a living but is stuck in a 9-5 that’s unrelated to their creative pursuits
  • The hobbyist who is ready to take their craft to the next level and make a side income
  • Anyone with a dream to make a long term living with their art—no matter what stage you’re at right now

We’re Excited! Will You Pass It On?

Everything we do at Unconventional Guides is community-supported, with no corporate sponsorship and no advertising. We’re proud of this work and believe that it can help a lot of of people. If you know someone who could use it, will you share it with them? Feel free to send them to this post or directly to

Thank you so much—and huge congratulations to Jen & Omar on finishing!

–>Check it out over here

If you have any comments or questions, let us know.


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Image: California Bakery

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  • Ann says:

    Dying here! I wanted to participate today but will now have to wait until I get home. Your site does not display properly on the outdated browser we are required to use at work. (I was SO ready to jump, too!)

  • Chris says:


    Sorry about that! The site should work pretty well in just about any modern browser (but indeed, probably not in stone-age IE browsers that some corporations still use). If it’s any consolation, the tablet and mobile versions look really nice. 🙂

  • Lori says:

    just fyi, when i read “Featuring a $5,000 guarantee (it will help you, or your money back)” i assumed that this *costs* $5,000 – you might want to adjust your copy!

  • Chris says:


    Good catch! I updated the post before sending by email. Yeah, the great news there is that the product definitely costs much less than $5k. 🙂

  • Starr says:

    Man! This is just what I need. I will have to save up for it at the moment.

  • Kevin Bowen says:

    Good thing it’s not too late to return my lady’s Valentine’s Day gift! I’m sure she’ll understand THIS is much better – for both of us!

  • Kelly Luna says:

    Kevin – Love it! I think it’s what my husband and I need, too.
    Chris – Been looking forward to this post since last week. So exciting!

  • Donna says:

    Dear Chris,
    So the book sounds fantastic, my only question before I purchase I have a service business instead of a product to sell – will I still get the full benefit of the book?

  • Chris says:


    Great question. Most of the folks we studied for the guide did in fact make products of some kind. Some of them created services as well, and there are also some interviews with service providers, but I’m not sure you’d fully benefit if you’re not interested in “making” something.

  • What an awesome toolkit for the creative mind! It can be done! 🙂

  • Nate says:

    Really really cool site. Looks like an awesome product and I am sure it will do well!

  • […] my surprise and joy when I recently learned that Chris Guillebeau is launching a new guide dedicated, this time, specifically to creative types like […]

  • Naz Laila says:

    Hi Chris, so excited to see the product. Just one quick question, if someone buy a lower priced version (Art for all or Business builder), will there be options to upgrade to a higher priced version later on by paying the difference?

  • Chris says:


    Yep! That’s no problem at all.

  • Lucy Chen says:

    I’m very excited about this, just still choosing between the Masters and Business Builders plan.

  • Will this work for those of us who produce original music, too? Or is it confined to the visual/physical arts.

    If the answer is no, not music, and you subsequently decide to tackle that area and need a guinea pig, I’m in.

  • Chris says:


    Also a great question! At this time we *don’t* see it as a product created specifically for the needs of musicians. I’m sure that many of the principles could be adapted by creative musicians, but I feel more confident saying that it’s for visual / physical artists interested in making something tangible. I’d love to tell you otherwise but I don’t want you to be disappointed. 🙂

  • Karen says:

    Chris, you’ve got another winner on your hands. This will help a lot of creative professionals start or expand their business.

    I’m loving the design of Who designed the site? Kudos to the team.


  • Chris says:

    Awesome, thanks!

    Design props go to the gang at @JolbyandFriends. They’ve been wonderful to work with.

  • Rebecca says:

    super excited for this! have been waiting since I heard of it a while ago.

  • It’s nearly impossible to find experienced people for this subject, but you seem like you know what
    you’re talking about! Thanks

  • I’m not sure why but this site is loading very slow for me.
    Is anyone else having this issue or is it a problem
    on my end? I’ll check back later and see if the problem still exists.

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