Want to Help with My Next Book Launch? Join the “Born for This” Street Team!


There are fewer than 100 days until my new book, Born for This, goes out into the world. This probably sounds like a long time for some people, but as an author it feels like it’s right around the corner.

The purpose of the book is to help people find the work they were meant to do. To reach a worldwide, engaged audience during the launch period, I’ll need a lot of help!

That’s why I’m starting a private group for a special group of readers who’d like to be part of the launch planning.

The Art of Non-Conformity is a success because of the small army of remarkable people. Please join me and let’s do something fun!

When you join the Street Team, you’ll get:

  • A FREE, early copy of the book!
  • Access to the private group where my team and I will be posting top-secret info every week till pub date
  • A behind-the-scenes look at why I spend four months working full-time on a book launch
  • Special opportunity to participate in the 30-city book tour
  • Maybe something special (watch your mailbox…)
If your application is accepted, you commit to do these things:

  • Post at least two photos of the early copy you receive
  • Buy at least one copy of the book when it comes out on April 5
  • Leave an honest review of the book (after you read it, of course)
  • Be an awesome, kind person—and if you can help in any other way, that’s great too!

Oh, there’s one more thing. This group is limited to just 300 people. Sorry, but my publisher doesn’t want to send free books to everyone! Also, a smaller group size is better for all of the direct contact we’ll be having.

–> Say hi and fill out this quick-n-easy application!

Once we have enough applications, we’ll close the form. Don’t wait if you’d like to be part of it!


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