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Big Bonus Ending: Last Day (Really) to Fly & Stay for Nearly Free with 70,000 Points

Link: 70,000 Ultimate Rewards Bonus (Ending Soon)

Update: The 70,000 point offer has now ended. The card still offers 50,000 points and has gone back to having no annual fee in the first year.

It’s finally going away! The best credit card signup bonus we’ve seen all year will revert to 50,000 points (still a good deal, just not an amazing one) sometime on Sunday morning.

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As I’ve said a few times, this is a great offer that can be parlayed into a huge amount of travel value. I’ve applied for the card in this offer (my second one!) and will likely use the points for a Singapore Airlines Business Class flight to Japan or Hong Kong. I’ll do this by transferring the points to Krisflyer, the Singapore Airlines frequent flyer program.


Singapore Airlines: A close contender (with Cathay Pacific) for my favorite global carrier.


First Class cabin — which is actually not that much nicer than Business Class. Your only challenge in either cabin is falling asleep in the comfy seat and missing out on the great service.

Singapore Airlines isn’t cheap, and these flights would otherwise cost a lot of money.

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$3792: A typical Business Class fare for SQ. 70,000 Ultimate Rewards points can get you the same flight with points to spare.

Alternatively, I may use the points to stay at the Park Hyatt Sydney, my favorite hotel in the whole world. This hotel regularly costs $900 a night or more, but that price is waaaaayyy outside my budget.

Without points I’d just find a cheaper place to say, but thankfully I don’t need to. For every 30,000 Ultimate Rewards points transferred to Hyatt, I can stay one night at my favorite place. 70,000 points from the bonus will get me two nights, with an extra 10,000 left over for something else.


Harbourside in Sydney, Australia.


Not a bad view. I’ve had this room more than once, all booked with points transferred from Ultimate Rewards.

Of course, you don’t have to use the points the same way I do. There are many, many other good options for them.

Even if you prefer to fly domestic flights on the budget carrier Southwest Airlines, after meeting the minimum spend and getting the 70,000 point bonus, you’ll be able to take three free round-trip flights.

Lastly, if you don’t want to mess with awards programs at all, you can simply use the points to pay for travel when booked through the Chase online system. You’ll get an $875 credit when booking this way. You have to pay a $90 fee for the card, which isn’t waived the first year, so it’s effectively a $785 credit just for getting the card. Not too shabby.

The point is that there is tremendous value to be found through Ultimate Rewards points, even without a ton of research.

Disclosure and Reader Comments

The links on our partner site provide referral credit to us, which I certainly appreciate (thank you). However, if you’d prefer to sign up directly without using these links, that’s fine too. Just go to and look for the Ink Plus card—and whether you get it from us or on your own, I hope it helps you achieve your travel goals.

I’m currently on a big tour throughout North America, and in many cities I’ve been hearing from readers who’ve used travel hacking to have experiences that would otherwise be expensive or unavailable to them. Some people say that since they’ve been reading the blog, they haven’t paid for a single international flight. That’s great! I write about travel hacking because it can help you.

I know that some readers don’t care about it, and that’s totally fine as well. Stick around for other posts. 🙂

Link: 70,000 Ultimate Rewards Bonus (Ending Soon)


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