Tomorrow’s the Last Day for Online Business Training (+ Free Bonuses & Year-Long Support)


Link: 8 Weeks of Online Business Training

Bonuses: Get Naming Rights to My Firstborn A Ton of Great Bonuses When You Sign Up

(Note: You’ll automatically receive the bonuses when signing up at the above link. There’s no need to do anything else.)

Hey everyone,

Just a heads-up that tomorrow is the final day to register for Marie Forleo’s online business course. I’ve said a lot about it already, so this is just a quick notice and an important explanation.


Why I Decided to Promote Marie’s Course

A few people have asked me why I decided to endorse Marie’s course. It’s really quite simple: I like Marie and she does good work.

I know that there are a ton of affiliates pimping the course and offering to sell their soul if you sign up through their link. If there’s anything I don’t like about this process, it has nothing to do with Marie, who I adore, and everything to do with pressuring people to register who aren’t a good fit.

Here’s my honest take on the whole thing:

1. I know that Marie and B-School are legit. If you’re looking for help in developing and marketing a business idea, this is a great opportunity for you. It has worked well for tens of thousands of people.

2. You should never sign up for anything (from me or anyone) under any sort of pressure. You should sign up if you think it will help you.

Sometimes it’s helpful to make these decisions by asking yourself a simple question: “How does this make me feel?”

If it makes you feel excited, interested, drawn, or something similar—great! This is for you.

If it makes you feel negative in any way—it’s good to know that too, because if that’s the case, this isn’t for you.

It really doesn’t need to be any more complicated than that.

Oh, and Those Bonuses

Disclaimers aside, I’m looking forward to supporting everyone who signs up through my partner link. I’ll be sending them everything mentioned in this post, which consists of:

  • The highest-version of the recently-updated Empire Building Kit, consisting of 365 lessons (one per day for an entire year), all designed to help you build a business that works for you
  • Three months of Adventure Capital, an online marketing course
  • Signed, first-edition copies of The $100 Startup and The Happiness of Pursuit
  • Guaranteed admission and $100 off the regular price for Pioneer Nation, our brand-new event for independent entrepreneurs

And maybe a surprise or two. Who doesn’t like surprises?

Whatever you do, I’m so thrilled to write for such an awesome community—thank you for that! To infinity and beyond!

Link: 8 Weeks of Online Business Training


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Note: The videos from Marie will disappear later today as they prepare to close the course.


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