Last Chance for $250 Statement Credit on SimplyCash Card (Ends February 24)


Update: This post contains outdated and expired offers and should only be used for reference. Click the following links for the most up-to-date offer for the AmEx SimplyCash Card and my favorite travel hacking cards. -cg

Link: AmEx SimplyCash Card

Years ago I earned a lot of different bank signup bonuses, running around to multiple banks and the occasional credit union to open accounts in exchange for a $100 (sometimes more) credit. Since it took an average of two hours per account, it was essentially a $50/hour job, only limited by the number of available offers.

My only problem was remembering where all the accounts were, and if there were certain requirements I had to meet before receiving the credit. Once in a while I’d forget I had opened an account somewhere, but when I finally remembered it was like finding $100 under the mattress.

There’s essentially another opportunity like that now—and it’s more than $100, and you don’t have to run around to banks for it. The SimplyCash Business Card from American Express is offering a $250 statement credit just for getting the card and meeting a $5,000 minimum spend in the first six months. This card has no annual fee, so it really is free money if you can meet the spend.

Disclosure: I usually only recommend cards I have myself, but I don’t actually have this one. In terms of overall AmEx products, I greatly prefer three others:

These cards have much greater overall benefits. I like the Starwood cards for their great flexibility in points that can be transferred to dozens of partners, and I like the Platinum card mostly for the fantastic Centurion lounges that are rapidly expanding in reach.

However, with no annual fee, the offer from SimplyCash is essentially a free $250 once you meet the minimum spend.

This won’t be for everyone, but hopefully it will help some of you!

Link: AmEx SimplyCash Card


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