Huge Deal: Get Up to 75,000 JetBlue Points (No Credit Card Required!)

Hey travelers! A really great deal that will help a lot of people just launched this week. Here’s the one-minute, short version:

1. JetBlue will GIVE YOU up to 75,000 points, just for sending them a screenshot and taking a single round-trip flight before the end of August

2. If you have any number of Virgin America points, you’ll get them matched simply for completing the above task (up to 75,000 points in total; more on that in a moment)

3. If you don’t have any Virgin America points, it’s not that hard to get them—and then you can get all those free JetBlue points

4. The 75,000 JetBlue points are easily worth $900, so it’s definitely worth doing if you can. And even if you can’t get the maximum, well, it’s free points!

To get the points, take a screenshot of your Virgin America balance and forward it to, along with your JetBlue number (more details here).


Here’s the Longer Version

For those who like details and want to know more… 


Why Is JetBlue Doing This? 

JetBlue tried to acquire Virgin America, but was outbid by Alaska Airlines. By most people’s accounts, Alaska paid way too much, so JetBlue may come out ahead in the long-run, but that’s another story.

In an attempt to strike back, JetBlue is offering something very unusual: if you can take a single round-trip flight with them in the next six weeks, they will match your entire mileage balance from Virgin America, even giving you considerably more points if you have 50,001 points or more in your account.

(If you have 50,001+ points, you’ll get 75,000. Extra bonus!)


How Do I Do It? 

Well, see above. You prove to JetBlue that you have Virgin America points, then they mark your account somehow, and then after you take the flight (just one round-trip flight, anytime before end of August) you’ll get all the TrueBlue points deposited in your account.

It’s pretty simple. Get Virgin points if you don’t have them (more on that next), take a screenshot, send an email, take one flight, get free TrueBlue points.


Okay, But What if I Don’t Have Any Virgin America Points? 

This is what’s great: you don’t need to have them already. I’ve flown Virgin America four or five times, but the last time was a year or so ago, and I’ve never had a big balance of Virgin points. When I logged into my account yesterday for the first time in a long while, I had a grand total of 1,105 points. Whomp whomp

But in this case, it’s totally fine because JetBlue doesn’t care when the points were added to your account, or where they came from. 

In other words, transferred points are just fine. Points from Starwood Preferred Guest (SPG) transfer to Virgin America on a 1:1 basis. Not only that, SPG will give you a 20% bonus for every 20,000 points you transfer, meaning that 20,000 is essentially 25,000.

If you’re going for the maximum total value, you’d need to transfer 40,001 points from SPG to Virgin.

40,000 points with 20% bonus = 50,000 points

1 additional point = 50,001 points

You can earn SPG points through these two cards (I have both):

If you don’t have SPG points, there are other options that aren’t quite as good. American Express Membership Rewards points also transfer to Virgin America, just at a lower rate. You can earn Membership Rewards points through these cards:


How Much Are JetBlue Points Worth? 

Both JetBlue and Virgin America have a revenue-based redemption program, which is a bit different from what most other airlines use. With revenue-based programs, the points are used to essentially “pay off” a ticket, based on whatever it would cost to purchase with cash.

75,000 JetBlue points are worth at least $900. They won’t expire and you can use them to book flights for anyone you’d like, not just yourself.

JetBlue doesn’t have a ton of partners, so the best use will likely be on its own flights. Virgin America, however, does have a good set of partners, including Virgin Australia and Singapore Airlines. It’s for that reason that I didn’t worry much about transferring my SPG points over to them—I know I’ll be able to use them somehow.

So again, many readers will be able to get up to $900 in travel credit with very little work.


Want More Points? New to This and Don’t Have Any? 

So what if you’re reading along and you think, wow, this sounds great, but I don’t have ANY points at all—nothing I can transfer in from elsewhere?

Well, that’s okay. There are still lots of things you can do to get started earning miles and points, so that the next time something like this comes along, you’ll be ready.

Also, if you’re looking for JetBlue points in particular (either to increase your balance or to start with), there are two new cards you can get for an instant boost. Click on either card below to sign up!

In short, the JetBlue Plus Card is better for those who want to earn large numbers of points and don’t mind paying an annual fee, whereas the JetBlue Card is better for those who just want a quick bonus and don’t want to pay a fee.

(And if you’re starting from scratch, be sure to get the Chase Sapphire Preferred® before doing anything else. It’s the most flexible card out there.)


Is This A Good Deal? 

Yes, it’s a really good deal. It’s not every day that an airline comes along and says, hey, everybody, here’s $1,000 in free airfare just because we’re getting back at another airline.

I don’t benefit from it any way, and I’m getting points too! Here’s the screenshot I sent off to JetBlue after transferring in my points.

Have fun, everyone! Let me know if you have any questions.


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