41 Days to World Domination


First up, Happy Easter to all! I hope you’ve had a good weekend with people you love.


This is a short weekend update before the regular programming of the week. In 41 days, awesome people from all over the world will arrive in Portland for our inaugural World Domination Summit. We’ve been working every day on the many logistical issues to ensure we exceed everyone’s high expectations for the weekend.

My garage is crammed with boxes of t-shirts in all sizes, stacks of city maps, water bottles, and empty badges that will soon contain the names of attendees. Our team has been confirming food carts, gift bags, airport welcomes, and more. Libby the cat has dropped her schedule of sleeping 20 hours a day to merely 18, and spends the extra hours running up and down the stairs in excitement.

In other words, it’s all hands on deck here in Southeast Portland.

Sold Out Means … Sold Out

Unfortunately, we sold out the 490-seat event more than five months in advance, with just ten seats opening up since then. Since then I’ve heard from more than a few cynical people, who think I have a secret plan to cash in and suddenly announce the availability of more tickets.

Alas, there is no such plan. Bringing more than 500 people (including volunteers and speakers) to town in one weekend is a big enough project for us at this point. Rest assured that we’re carefully looking into options for next year, but first things first … we’re proceeding as planned with this event.

For those who are coming, you should already have your flights and hotel room booked. If not, please do so soon—flights to PDX are not getting any cheaper, and June 3-5 also happens to be the same weekend as the Rose Festival, another big event (although not nearly as exciting) that happens every year. We sold out of all WDS-block hotel rooms in one day, but as long as you stay anywhere downtown within walking distance to the streetcar, you’ll be fine.


In other news, my thanks to our resident genius Nicky Hajal for rescuing us this week from a tragic server crash caused by our (now former) hosting company. The downtime was frustrating, but it looks like we’re rolling again strong.

Aside from some short working trips (Chicago for SOBCon, NYC for The 99% Conference), I’m in town until after June, preparing for the summit and writing a book manuscript.

Wherever you are in the world, I hope you’re doing well.

– Chris


Image: EG

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