Holiday Sale Starts Today! Save 40% Off Everything from Unconventional Guides

Hey everyone, today we’re kicking off our Annual Holiday Sale!

We only have one sale all year at Unconventional Guides, and it begins now.

This year it’s a big 40% off everything in the Unconventional Guides store, the biggest savings it’s been in three years forever.

The discount applies to combo packs as well—which is a really good deal because they already sell at a discount, so you get to save even more.

Use the discount code “THANKFUL” to receive 40% off everything

The code will be available until midnight on Monday the 28th, Eastern Standard Time.

Map Upgrade Unlocked

Never checked out the shop before? Here are a few of the most popular products:

I Want It All Combo Pack

— Get everything we’ve ever produced under the Unconventional Guides brand, including the highest version of the bestselling Empire Building Kit and also a few discontinued products. Regular price: $897 / Combo price: $649
Sales price with discount code: $389

Entrepreneur’s Freedom Pack

— Includes a suite of resources to help you make measurable progress on your online (or offline!) business. Regular price: $454 / Sales price: $379
Sales price with discount code: $277

Travel Master Combo Pack

— Get your travel hacking off to a strong start with the full versions of several guides for Frequent Flyer adventurers, including the all-new Upgrade Unlocked guide.
Regular price: $197 / Sales price: $165
Sales price with discount code: $99

Working On the Road and Upgrade Unlocked, are great companion guides. One of them helps you prepare for going nomadic and building a career you can develop from anywhere, and the other helps you have amazing travel experiences on a low budget.

Working On the Road

By now, you’ve heard the story: there’s no need to stay at home and work a traditional job anymore.By learning a few key skills, and by learning to apply the skills you already have, you can go anywhere, anytime.

Working On the Road provides a complete plan of action, starting with what your independent work will look like and extending through all the details.

Upgrade Unlocked

Want to take a large adventure on a little budget? No problem.

The trip of a lifetime doesn’t have to happen just once in a lifetime. Traveling well can be a lifestyle of regular trips and adventures.

This guide will show you how to earn hundreds of thousands of Frequent Flyer miles and points—on a regular basis—and teach you how to actually use them.

The discount also applies to all levels of the bestselling Empire Building Kit

Finally, we also have gift certificates! Yes, the coupon code is valid for those too.

If you want something, pick it up starting today through Monday the 28th—and remember to use discount code “THANKFUL” at check-out.

The code will be available until midnight on Monday, Eastern Standard Time.

Have a great weekend—I am thankful for you!


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