2014 Thanksgiving Sale: Avoid the Crowds, Save 15% Or More, and Eat Pie


Hey everyone, Happy Thanksgiving!

Well, almost. And if you’re in Canada, you’ve already had this drill last month.

Wherever you are, and whether you celebrate Thanksgiving or not, I hope your holiday season is beginning restfully, and perhaps even without any all-night camping in front of the electronics store. Over here, I’m planning a long run and an early start to this year’s Annual Review.

We’re also kicking off the only sale we do every year at Unconventional Guides. Only one! And now it begins.


Our Annual Holiday Sale Is Here!

For the rest of the week, you can save 15% on everything we produce in the Unconventional Guides store. Fifteen percent! Everything!*

Use discount code pumpkin to receive 15% off anything you’d like to purchase.

For only the third time in history, this discount applies to combo packs as well:

  • I Want It All — Get everything we’ve ever produced under the Unconventional Guides brand, including the highest version of the bestselling Empire Building Kit and also a few discontinued products. Regular price: $897 / Combo price: $649 / Sales price with discount code: $551
  • Entrepreneur’s Freedom Pack — Includes a suite of resources to help you make measurable progress on your online (or offline!) business. Normal price: $454 / Sales price: $379 / Sales price with discount code: $322
  • Travel Master — Get your travel hacking off to a strong start with the full versions of several guides for Frequent Flyer adventurers, including the all-new Upgrade Unlocked guide. Regular price: $197 / Sales price: $165 / Sales price with discount code: $140

The discount also applies to all levels of the bestselling Empire Building Kit, as well as gift certificates.

If you want something, pick it up now—and remember to use discount code pumpkin at check-out. The code will be available until midnight on Monday, Eastern Standard Time.

Have a great week!

*Note that the two highest levels of Get Rich Slowly and Upgrade Unlocked are already discounted due to introductory pricing. The discount code won’t work for those, but it should work for everything else.


Image: CroixBoy

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