Ending Soon: 100,000 Hotel Points Bonus Offer (+ Another 75,000 Points Offer)

Link: Get 100,000 Hilton Points (with annual fee)
Link: Get 75,000 Hilton Points (with no annual fee)

I recently highlighted the largest current signup bonus in the travel world: 100,000 points with the new Hilton HHonors Surpass card. This is a limited time offer, meaning that the travel companies only put it out for a brief window of time before pulling it or lowering the bonus to a much lower amount.

There’s also an offer to earn 75,000 points, another limited-time promotion, without paying an annual fee. Both of these offers are legit and worth considering, even if you don’t usually stay in hotels.


In this case, the new Surpass card will still be around after next week, but the 100,000 point signup bonus won’t be. The other offer will also be dropping to a much lower signup bonus. If you think you can benefit from either of them, don’t wait any longer.

To recap, here’s why these offers can be so valuable…

  • 100,000 points can equal up to 25 (!) free nights. Even if you’d rather stay in higher-end properties, you can get multiple free nights from all those points
  • You get complimentary elite status with these offers (Gold for the 100,000 point offer, Silver for the 75,000 point one). Expect free breakfast, internet access, and complimentary upgrades whenever the hotel isn’t fully booked
  • There are a lot of Hilton properties (4,610 worldwide!), so you won’t have a challenge finding one almost anywhere you travel
  • At 100,000 points for Surpass, there has never been a higher offer. This is it! And if you don’t want to have Gold status or pay an annual fee, the 75,000 point offer is great too

With so many offers raining in, it’s a great time to be padding your miles and points bonuses. This one’s ending soon, though, so don’t hesitate if you’d like to apply for either of the cards.

Link: Get 100,000 Hilton Points (with annual fee)
Link: Get 75,000 Hilton Points (with no annual fee)


Images: Frank

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