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What Are People REALLY Saying About WDS 2014? (Part II)


Here’s round I.


After spending hundreds of hours in preparation and then hosting a week-long adventure for thousands of awesome people, I don’t actually say much about it afterward, at least not on the blog. I’m a writer who doesn’t do a writeup.

Thankfully, our awesome attendees pick up my slack—and wouldn’t you want to hear from them anyway?

Every year we see hundreds of blog posts from attendees. Here’s the first second round of unfiltered reviews and opinions on a variety of topics related to WDS. Check them out and decide for yourself what WDS is all about!


Since these posts were published, I’ve learned of another 50+ more—so stay tuned for a final round. For now, thanks again to everyone who contributed!

We’ll be back next year with another great adventure—count on it. If you’d like to come, join the waiting list for the first round of ticket sales (coming this fall).


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