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279 Days To Overnight Success

Friends and readers, here is my second manifesto, 279 Days to Overnight Success.

It tells the story of this web site, but more importantly, it offers 11,000 words of free advice on how to create your own success with your own project. I offer this information freely, but please use it wisely.


(Free PDF – be sure to update to the most recent version of Adobe Reader)


Who It’s For

Bloggers, writers, online artists, and anyone otherwise interested in creating a new career or expanding their influence using social media. If you want your online presence to grow far beyond what it is now, read and apply.

What You’ll Learn

  • How I Became a Full-Time Writer in 279 Days
  • The Complete Revenue Estimate for My Personal Blog in 2009
  • The World Domination Strategy for Establishing Your Brand
  • Avoiding the Vampires who Want You to Fail
  • Why Adsense (and most other Web Advertising) Sucks
  • How to Skip Viral Marketing and Still Get All the Traffic You Need


Is It Helpful? Two Simple Requests

1) Let me know. Share your feedback or write me directly.

2) Help spread the word. Pass this along to the entire universe. OK, maybe not the whole universe, but you know… all of your friends would be good. Feel free to start with your preferred social network or your blog.

Thanks! I can’t wait to hear about your own overnight success.


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