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How to Win the Career Lottery

If you won the lottery tomorrow, how would your life be different?

Maybe you’d buy a new car or take a dream vacation. Maybe you’d quit your job… or maybe you’d keep doing exactly what you’re doing right now. The point is that you’d have a lot of new opportunities and choices all of a sudden.

This short video, based on the lessons of Born for This, tells more:

Most of us know that the lottery is nearly impossible to win. If it’s set up properly, there’s no way to “hack” it. You win or lose according to the laws of probability—and most of us lose because it’s out of our control.

But there’s some really good news: with the career lottery, you have a great deal of influence over the results. Those results are not out of your control. The actions you take now will directly affect the opportunities available to you in the future.

That’s why it’s so important to take the right kinds of actions. If you plan strategically and learn to take intelligent risks, you can greatly increase your odds of tremendous success.

*Thanks to Doug Neill for this great video!