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When In Doubt, Change Everything

I’ve written before about how important it is to change your mind. The ability to consider new information and update your beliefs is hugely underrated.

I’ve tried to get better at this in recent years, especially as the world becomes more and more enveloped in conspiracy theories, and “shared truth” becomes elusive.

But it’s also a matter of being able to change your own path, the course of action you’re on. You thought something was a good idea at the time, and maybe it was—but now it no longer is. What do you do?

The answer is: you should adapt and adjust.

For Example, If You Don’t Like Your Location, You Should Move

Last week I went to Croatia. It took a while to get there, both physically and due to my own indecisiveness around travel plans.

But that was okay, because I was supposed to be there a whole week. This was a big deal—usually I never stay anywhere more than three nights. I get restless and want to move on.

So what happened? Well … I stayed three nights. And then I escaped and went to Vienna, one of my favorite cities in Europe. So rather than telling you about how Croatia was depressing, let me tell you about Vienna instead.

*It wasn’t Croatia’s fault. The country itself wasn’t to blame, but the trip I was on didn’t have the vibe I needed.

From the moment I made the decision to change everything, I felt better. Walking on to the Austrian Airlines plane felt better. Arriving at the airport, taking the train into the city and then the tram to my hotel—it all felt better.

The apfelstrudel and einspanner (fancy Viennese coffee) were delicious. The Sigmund Freud Museum was moving and meaningful. (You get to stand in the same rooms where he lived and practiced for more than 40 years!)

Running in the Prater—a large park—is one of my favorite running spots in the whole world, which is saying a lot.

The first day I was in a different area, but it also had a nice park where I ran five miles before breakfast. The sun was shining, but not too hot, and two of my favorite songs from many years ago came up back-to-back on a random Spotify playlist.

And I thought: here is the joy I have been seeking. I thought the joy was in Croatia, but it wasn’t, and that’s okay. I got on an Austrian Airlines plane and went to where the joy was.

Simple adjustment. Good decision.

This Skill Is So Important!

Listen, you NEED to be able to do this.

Last week I watched as other people on the group trip pretended to be happy. I watched as they didn’t say anything or take active steps to change their circumstances. And if it sounds like I’m being judgmental, really, I get it. It’s DIFFICULT to abandon a plan, especially one that you’ve been excited about for a while.

But you should. Not only for the sake of the experience itself, but for the incredible confidence it will produce. Once you understand that you can change your circumstances, you too will feel better—just as I did as I spent the second half of the week in Austria instead of Croatia.

Running in Vienna was so beautiful. It is the perfect European city. I ate many pastries and drank a LOT of coffee and I’m not at all mad about it.

Now I’m going home and getting ready for a new season: book launch and tour. More to come on that soon! For now:

If you don’t like your location, you should move.

If you don’t like something else, you should change it.

When in doubt, change everything. Trust the process.