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Time Will Pass Either Way

Consider, for a moment, that big thing you want to do.

Perhaps it’s a long-held dream, something you’ve been thinking about for years.

Or maybe it’s a secret, something you’ve held in your heart without telling anyone.

It could be that you’re even a little afraid to acknowledge it to yourself.

  • A big trip to a faraway land
  • A new venture or career change
  • A monumental shift of some kind

(Of course, it could be something totally different. It’s your big thing.)

Whatever that thing is, keep it in your mind for a moment.

Now consider this.

Time Will Pass Either Way

No matter what you do, time is going to pass. Time exists independent of your actions.

Twelve months from now, a whole year will have gone by, with or without any activity on your part. Three years, five years—time waits for no one.

You can’t control time, you can’t hack it, you can’t even negotiate. It’s just gonna keep flowing along!

These two concepts lead to an obvious decision point. Will you choose to move forward with your big thing, taking whatever action steps you need to make progress, or will you hold back?

It’s pretty simple. Do or do not, there is no try. Meanwhile, time advances.

(This is also a classic case of “not making a decision is making a decision.” If you do nothing, nothing will happen.)

There might be situations when you decide to let go of your idea because something better has come along. Changing your mind is always a perfectly valid option.

But assuming that’s not the case, and you still want to do this big thing—and because time is going to pass either way—why not take the first step right now?


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