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The View from Prcanj, Montenegro

View from Prcanj, Montenegro

I think a lot about distant places, but to be honest, I’ve never really given much thought to the small country called Montenegro. I’m not sure why– after all, it is the world’s youngest country, having just voted for independence from Serbia in 2006. That in itself is interesting to someone like me, but for whatever reason I knew very little about Montenegro until I arrived in it this afternoon.

I left Croatia with some Croats who were headed to a Rolling Stones concert in Budva, Montenegro. We split up in Herzog Novi, where they went on to Budva. The concert group invited me to come along, but I’m not really a Rolling Stones fan– and I didn’t have 100 euros to spend on a ticket. Instead, I took another bus to the city of Kotor, and then walked two towns away to the village of Prcanj where I am now.

Here’s the view of Kotor from across the water, which is now the background image on my laptop. In the morning I’ll leave for Macedonia, via an overland bus trip through Albania.


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  • Jason Kallsen says:

    Chris – Though you wrote this over a year ago, I thought it would be cool to reflect back on your first post and congratulate you on the success of the last 14 months. Today (April 23rd, 2009) you and your site were featured in the New York Times! It’s amazing what a plan and perseverance can achieve!

    Good luck and keep rolling!

    Jason Kallsen

  • Janice says:

    Montenegro was the setting for the Bond movie Casino Royal wasn’t it? I remember looking it up after having seen it in the film and thinking it beautiful. I think the film came out the same year they did. Not a bad way to come out is it?
    Congratulations on being featured in the New York Times!

  • Elaine Huckabay says:

    I have to ask – was the selection of Montenegro as a new country and you as a blog on purpose….or was that really where you were traveling at the time? I found your blog about two weeks and have set aside time everyday to read through it, watch your TEDx video, and read your Manifestos. I will be purchasing the EBK when it comes out again!

  • Momekh says:

    This is actually good; “all” the three comments are actually after your blog hit the ‘big time’. Full marks for perseverance, which happens to command success, which you (as far as a blog is concerned) achieved. Chris, you have managed to inspire me on more than one occasion – that means I owe you dinner.
    God bless you, friend. 🙂

  • Mike Doyle says:

    Hey Chris,

    I am about to embark on a journey across the country due to some life changing events. Someone mentioned your blog so I came to check it out and thought it would be fun to come to the first post and then work my way backwards to see if I can gather some tips. Pretty awesome how you have built your life the way you want it. I look forward to following a similar path and creating my own successes.

    I hope to bump into you one day to learn more and hopefully give some tips of my own.

  • Ruchi Doshi says:


    I was just randomly typing in the word “country hopping” in Google, I got few links of blogs, but your blog inspired me a lot.

    It made me feel to go back to your starting blog and to read each and every experience of yours and learn more about it.

    I would love to read all your blogs, and would post you when I am done.

    Congratulations for all the success and recognition you have got so far.

  • I love looking at “first posts!” It’s great to see how far Chris has come since 2008. WDS, Pioneer Nation, Books, every country visited. And it started with a post from Montenegro. I can only hope to have his level of success in eight years. Well, I can hope, and I can also make it happen, right?

  • Khairul Azan says:

    Chris, really inspired by your travel to 193 countries. Which for me before, that is possible just for the super rich.


  • I took another bus to the city of Kotor, and then walked two towns away to the village of Prcanj where I am now.

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  • Montenegro declared its independence, but it lost a lot. 🙁

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