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The Best Place to Be Is Somewhere Else

On the road is where a traveler feels most at home. Sure, you can take it slow for a while, staying in one place to save up funds or work on a project or do whatever you need to do.

But secretly you’re like a junkie, thinking ahead to the next hit. There’s always somewhere else to go and another way to get there.

You can live in the moment, but that moment exists in another place. And you have to get there!

As the days approach you feel giddy with anticipation. It’s almost time to leave, you notice, long before the real departure day.

Then you go, and you settle into the routine you know so well.

You’re in your element when you’re moving forward. When the wheels are up or the sun visor is down, you’ve found your special place.

You find yourself getting to the airport several hours before the flight. You stare at the departure signs, reminiscing about previous trips and daydreaming of destinations you’ve never seen.

And if you don’t find what you’re looking for when you make it to the other side, well, that’s okay. Because there’s always another trip.

Gotta get back to that airport. Gotta take that train or plan that next road trip.

The best place to be is somewhere else.


Image: Claudio