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(Never) Save It for Later

Here’s a simple, powerful tip for blogging, creating, storytelling, or whatever your art form may be:

Always share the best work you currently have. Never save it for later.

Earlier this year at SXSW I told a story about driving home late at night ten years ago and coming across a set of train tracks. It was a good story that I could have used for a few different purposes, and I wanted to save it for another talk happening two months later.

I couldn’t think of a better one that would work as well … so I told the story. Then I had the problem of needing a different story for the other talk, but that was a future problem—plenty of time to figure it out.

For my blog, I have several posts that are stored up for times when I get busy and aren’t sure what to publish on a particular day. These posts aren’t especially amazing, but they’ll do in a pinch. (The overriding rule is: NEVER break the schedule … the schedule is your friend.)

Once in a while I write something that I think is actually decent, such as thisthis, or this. If I don’t need the post right away, I’m tempted to put it in the “desperate times, desperate measures” file, and sometimes I do for a while … but then I go back and think, what am I waiting for? If this thing is good—meaning that it has the potential to be valuable to someone—why save it?

The fun thing about creativity: the more you use, the more you get.

When trying to decide whether to use it or save it … use it.

When you’re trying to figure out what to share next … share the best thing you have.

Your best may not always be amazing or incredible … but whatever it is, use it.

Then move on and do it again.