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Most People Want to Work On Their Own (and It’s Not Just a Dream)

The lede on this NPR segment is about young people: 67% of Millennials (ages 18-34) who are currently employed want to work on their own.

That’s interesting, but not really exclusive. The article also notes that 45% of people aged 35 and up also want to work on their own.

This is not a trend! This is a genuine revolution. It’s for people of all ages.

Listen to the segment here:


Other interesting notes:

*Having access to healthcare makes a big difference.

“More than a quarter of Millennials consider it more likely that they’ll start a business now that the Affordable Care Act has made health insurance easier to obtain.”

*Is a degree in entrepreneurship the new liberal arts degree?

“Interest in studying entrepreneurship in programs like NFTE’s, and at the college level, is growing.”

I’m not sure it’s always a great idea to study entrepreneurship in college. Why not try the One-Year Alternative Graduate School Program instead, adapting it to a more entrepreneurship-focused model?

*There’s always a reality check from people who haven’t tried.

“This may be the generation that knows the most about entrepreneurs, but doesn’t have the wherewithal to actually join their ranks, at least not for a while.”

I thought that was pretty funny. For all the Millennials out there, NPR just said that you lack competence and initiative. In other words, it’s okay to dream but soon you’ll need to join the real world.

Isn’t this what people have said about every younger generation?


Image: Andrew