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Life Is Full of Things You Can’t Fix

Broken hearts. Mistakes that changed the course of a life.

Things that went wrong through no fault of your own, and the things that were your fault.

Global problems. Poverty of all kinds. The war, the famine, the flood.

The activist chooses to believe in the ability to make all things better, sometimes in the face of reason itself. Life is full of things you can’t fix, no matter how well-intentioned you are.

The skeptic chooses to doubt, preferring to ensure she won’t be hurt by disappointment—despite the fact that the world needs the skeptic to do something.

What can be done about the things you can’t fix?

I think the best answer is to keep helping people, whenever and however you can, and keep making things that others can appreciate. Otherwise, you just get depressed about the world, or you spend your time in self-pity.

Whether you believe you are here for a reason or you create the reason as you go along, the same holds true: Life is full of things you can’t fix. In front of you every day are things that you can.

Those are the things you should worry about.


*Check out the Good Life Project, a new online TV series and community that launched this week from my friend Jonathan Fields.

Photo by Mark Plötz from Pexels