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There’s A Letter You Need To Write

Dear Reader,

I found these letters in a beautiful book based off this website. There are a variety of stories expressed in the letters, some hopeful and some painful. I thought I’d share a few with you below.

Reading the letters reminded me of something I’ve believed for many years now: If you love someone, you should tell them. Don’t wait. Always choose love and seek to live a life without regret.

I also think there’s a letter you need to write. I don’t know what it should be about or to whom the letter should be sent, but I’m pretty sure there’s something out there you should think about before it’s too late.

My advice would be: write the letter. A few from other people are expressed below.

Your writer,

Chris, age 33

Dear Connor,

I’ve been wanting to tell you how I feel, but I was afraid, and still am. Afraid of what to say, how to say it, when to say it, and what you’d say in return. One day I’ll be able to, and hopefully spelling it out will help, so here it goes. You make everything better, you make me better, and I love you.

Erin, age 25

Dear Mom,

It would have been so easy. I had won a free trip to Hawaii. I knew you would love to go. But I was busy with my own life as a single professional. There was time. I’d make the travel arrangements later.

One year later, you ran out of time. You died of a fast-moving cancer and I missed the chance. Losing you was so final. There’s always another chance in life until you come to the end of it.

So now, I laugh loud. I tell my husband I love him. I take those trips. I go for that walk. I don’t mind making mistakes for things I’ve done.

I just don’t want to regret the things I didn’t do.

Glory, age 46

Dear new fish,

I hope you enjoy your new house. I don’t have a pet that can eat you. You are going to be in my room. You can watch me sleep. It will be awesome. I won’t ignore you. I won’t let anything dangerous happen to you.

Ethan, age 8


So now it’s your turn. You should read the book, or at least the website, and then you should write a letter. Will you do that?

There are no comments on this post. If you find it meaningful, the best response is to write a letter of your own, and then send it to the person who needs it. I hope you’ll do that very soon.


Image: Lilly